These Are The Best Ankle Socks & Yes, They're Better Than The Ones You're Wearing


When you know where to find the best women’s ankle socks on the market, your life will change for the better. Because, when you’re experiencing all-day comfort without any foot pain, you can actually enjoy being on your feet.

Whether you're wearing your prized workout sneakers or your favorite pair of casual high-tops, it’s important to choose an ankle sock that’s supportive, accommodating, and above all: dependable on those long and busy days.

Because, ankle socks come in a lot of different styles for every occasion, as you search consider where you'll wear them most often. If your main activity for your ankle socks is exercising, make sure to pick something that provides extra cushioning and moisture management, especially for those particularly grueling workouts. Further, if you'll be wearing them for yoga or pilates activities, look for something with a grip on the bottom to give you more support and stability.

On the other hand, if you're looking for an everyday pair of socks, try something more low-cut that still provides all the support and ventilation of a good sock, without ever drawing attention to the sock itself.

Whether you need a great ankle sock for exercising or just something for every day, we’ve got every option, and more, for you below.


The Best For Everyday

Available in a pack of six, these no-show ankle socks are perfect for everyday wear, for longer springtime walks or long hours spent on your feet at work. With mesh ventilation material that provides excellent airflow, these breathable cotton socks are designed with a “silverlon” technology that makes them anti-bacterial. The technology eliminates more than 600 different kinds of bacteria, while also working with the materials in the sock to be naturally moisture-absorbing. You can pick up this pack in solid colors like white or black, or multi-color packs with grey, black, and white socks. One fan says, "These socks are perfect. The material is super soft and keeps your feet dry and fresh in those hot summer days."


The Best For Workouts

These moisture-wicking ankle socks are made with a reinforced microfiber material that will be durable and moisture-resistant during high-intensity exercising. They also have an elastic grip construction in the arch and ankle areas of the sock, which provides additional support and a “second skin” type of fit, so they'll feel lightweight on your feet. Its raised heel tab will keep these socks from sliding down your feet when you work out, while simultaneously protecting your heels and back ankles from painful blisters. Available in seven different colors, you’ll be able to pick out the perfect pair for you. And while, at $8 a pair, these socks are a bit on the pricey side, fans say these are the "best socks ever hands down, especially for running but any activity. Totally worth the money."


The Best With Grips On The Bottom

Thanks to the non-slip grip design on the bottom of each pair, these ankle socks offer extra security on slippery floors, and are perfect for an activity like yoga, pilates, or barre class. Made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and elastane, these socks are also durable and made to last. One satisfied reviewer said, “I wear these constantly. I no longer slip on my wood floors at home,” while another purchased a second pair because she loved that the socks provided “excellent traction” and “plenty of room in the toe area.” And, since they're available in seven different colors, you'll be able to pick out the perfect pair for you.

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