The 10 Best No-Show Socks For Women That Won't Give You Blisters

It may seem like an impossible request made by a demanding and creative fashionista — bring me socks that won't give you blisters! And, oh yeah, make sure they don't look anything like socks! But, actually, the best women's no-show socks that prevent blisters are not a figment of anyone's imagination — they're a wardrobe staple that a lot of us wouldn't dream of living without.

I'm sure there are outfits that look better with socks (thinking, thinking — ah, got one: knee socks worn purposely high in an adorable fashion). But sometimes, especially in the spring and summer, big, bulky socks can take away from a fashion statement instead of adding to one.

Of course, sock-less days come with their own share of problems. If you've ever spent a hot, muggy day walking around the city sans socks while wearing sneakers or clogs, you know exactly what it's like to go four blocks and realize you're never going to make it the rest of the way unless you start walking with your heels on top of your shoes. And then there's the dreadful realization upon returning home that a day spent without socks has just cost you in blisters.

No fun.

Save yourself the pain without compromising on your outfit by stocking up on no-show socks that won't give you blisters.

1. Thin Boat Line Socks With No-Slip Silicone Technology

These cotton and spandex no-show socks boast silicone technology that prevents them from slipping around in your shoe — because there's nothing more annoying than "invisible" socks that ride up your ankle. These are extremely thin boat line socks that work perfectly under flats, sneakers, and low-cut boots.

2. Athletic No-Show Socks With Under Armour Technology

Under Armour is one of the most trusted athletic apparel brands, so it stands to reason that their no-show socks would feature their fame ArmourBlock technology; said feature helps to wick away moisture and keep feet free from odors. They also have a seamless toe and conform to the foot with dynamic arch support that keeps feet from experiencing unnecessary aches and pains.

3. Loafer Socks With Moisture Wicking For Less Sweaty Feet

The true test of whether a sock vanishes under your shoe is whether it's a no-show sock that can even be concealed under a pair of loafers. These cotton, polyester, nylon, and lycra socks are all that and then some: they feature a silicone grip on the heel to keep them in place and moisture wicking to keep your feet cool and sweat free.

4. Middle Cut No Show Socks That Keep Odors Away

If super low-cut socks annoy you or you need a sturdier pair for summer sports, these middle cut no-show socks are perfect: they're designed for summer sports/outings like camping, hiking, running, and tennis and have no-slip silicone grips and and enhanced cuff. They're also made from 85 percent cotton and are breathable, moisture wicking, and prevent unpleasant foot odors.

5. Socks With A Clear Elastic Heel For Low-Cut Shoes & Slingbacks

When you're wearing your lowest cut shoes and only need a no-show sock that will cover your toes and the balls of your feet, these come to your rescue with a clear elastic band that slips over your heel and silicone patches that prevent slipping. They come in nude, cream, and black and nude so that they truly vanish beneath shoes.

6. Adidas No Show Socks With Arch Support

With ClimaLite technology to keep feet cool and dry, these no-show socks are an athlete and Adidas fan's dream socks come true: they come in shades that match Adidas footwear and apparel, never slip (yay for no blisters), and have arch support for comfort.

7. Socks For Sneakers & Boat Shoes That Boast Anti-Slip Heel Grip

If you're a fan of sneakers, boat shoes, or loafers, these are the comfy boat line no-show socks that will protect your feet from blisters and make it look like you aren't wearing anything underneath your shoes. They come in 12 inconspicuous shades and are designed with silicone anti-slip heel grip.

8. Durable, Stretchy Socks In A Bright Colors And Designs

These colorful no-show socks are describes as having a cushioned sole for comfort, super stretchy material, but not so stretchy that they slip off your feet. Reviewers love the affordable price, color and design options, and how durable these are with many raving about how they hold up for a long time.

9. Low-Cut Socks Made With Antibacterial Bamboo Fiber

The makers of these no-show socks are so confident they won't slip off your heel that if that does happen you can request a refund. Unlike a lot of other socks, these are made with breathable bamboo fiber cotton, which wicks moisture, is antibacterial, and prevents odors. The large silicone grip keeps them from moving off your feet and causing blisters as you walk.

10. Colorful, Fun & Lightweight Running Socks

When only the lightest socks are needed, this unisex pair of no-show socks for runners (that are perfect for non-runners as well) does the trick with ultrafine high-tech performance yarn and a reinforced cushioned toe and heel for ultimate comfort. They're cute, too, and come in nine interesting shades (that only you'll see).

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