Need To Relax? It Doesn't Get Easier Than Lighting One Of These Aromatherapy Candles

While pretty much all candles are aromatic, the best aromatherapy candles are scented with real essential oils and utilize natural, nontoxic ingredients for the wax. All the other qualities (like size, color, and intended mood) are entirely up to you though.

Fragrance can help to promote relaxation, sleep, or relief by interacting with your nervous system. Science shows that when a scent enters your nose, it processes through the olfactory system, crosses the blood-brain barrier, and can directly interact with feel-good receptors in the brain. While all scents — both natural and synthetic — can influence your mood, many people prefer essential oils for aromatherapy because they're natural and are purported to have soothing properties. However, essential oils typically cost a little more.

That said, the scent isn't the only important factor. Be sure to check the wax composition, as well. Research shows that certain waxes (like paraffin wax) emit toxic fumes into the air while the candle burns which vegetable-based waxes didn't. As a result, when it comes to therapeutic aromatherapy, nontoxic candles made from things like beeswax or soy are usually the way to go.

These are the four best aromatherapy candles because they're made with real essential oils, use natural wax, and have hundreds if not thousands of high reviews.

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The Overall Best Aromatherapy Candles

  • Size: 8 ounces (2-pack)
  • Burn time: 40 hours each
  • Type of wax: soy wax

This pack of two candles from Way Out West are some of the highest quality and longest burning aromatherapy candles on Amazon. For over 30 years, the company has been crafted in small batches using only the best ingredients including nontoxic soy wax, lead-free cotton wicks, and real essential oils. Other essential oil scents include lemongrass with lavender and geranium with sweet orange. (Just be sure to check the labels on your scent of choice — some read "pure essential oil," while others say "premium fragrance oil.") The two-pack comes in a gift box and includes a wick dipper. These are also available in large individual jars.

One reviewer wrote: "I purchased these while looking for candles that used essential oils rather than synthetic scents, since those tend to bother my sinuses and give me headaches. These were great. Very pleasant scents that left my house smelling fresh. They didn't cause sinus irritation for me like many other candle brands do."


The Best Affordable Candle

  • Size: 12.5 ounces
  • Burn time: 70 hours
  • Type of wax: soy wax blend

These minimalist candles come from Chesapeake Bay, and they're available in a huge range of different sizes and scents. Each option uses a fragrance blend that incorporates real essential oils to elicit two moods at once (like Awaken + Invigorate, Joy + Laughter, and Reflection + Clarity). They also shine through a colorful, translucent jar and feature self-trimming, lead-free wicks in a soy wax blend, all for a shockingly affordable price.

One reviewer wrote: "Quality candle at an affordable price. [...] I’ve used this candle in rooms ranging from the living room to the bathroom, just depending on if I’m hosting a party, cleaning, or just hanging about. I highly recommend the [Balance + Harmony] scent (I can’t speak for the others), especially considering the excellent value."


The Best Essential Oil Candle For Stress

  • Size: 14.5 ounces
  • Burn time: 45 hours
  • Type of wax: vegetable wax blend

If you're specifically looking for a candle that will help you de-stress, there are several reasons why this aromatherapy candle from Bath & Body Works has over 1,300 reviews and a 4.4-star rating. The eucalyptus-spearmint scent is made with essential oils that buyers call "soothing," "aromatic," and "very relaxing to your senses." The three wicks are designed to resist burning out and since more of the vegetable wax blend is melted at once, more scent is added to the room.

One reviewer wrote: "I have a stressful job. [...] Light these bad boys for a little bit and you just feel better. I don't understand the science. [...] I don't care. I just know that this bad boy helps lower the stress level. If it works for me, it might just work for you too!"


A Budget-Friendly Aromatherapy Candle Gift Set

  • Size: 6 ounces (4-Pack)
  • Burn time: 35 hours each
  • Type of wax: soy wax

At just over $30 for four candles, the Shiness aromatherapy gift set is versatile and a good value, making it great for gifting or keeping. Each of the candles is made from soy wax and real essential oils in the scents of lavender, vanilla, lemongrass, and jasmine. They come in a colorful tin that can be reused for jewelry, coins, or succulents after, too.

One reviewer wrote: "Bought these candles as a gift for my wife. They come in a beautiful container that can be reused. We both agreed that the vanilla candle smells amazing! Will definitely buy these for her again."

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