These Automatic Soap Dispensers On Amazon Are Super Convenient

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Finding the ideal hands-free soap dispenser isn’t the most glamorous shopping task, but it's a home addition that can really simplify your life. When looking for the best automatic soap dispensers, there are a few key factors to consider.

The first question to ask yourself is whether you prefer a model that's rechargeable or one that uses batteries. Both are manageable, though some rechargeable options last up to three months on one charge while some battery options can last as long as two years. With the latter type, it's important to think about the battery compartment's location and design. If it's located on the base of the dispenser, it should be raised so it's not flush with your counter, and it should have a waterproof seal; this will help prevent battery corrosion.

Another thing to consider is whether you want a foaming dispenser. These typically use less soap per pump, making it last longer. Some people may prefer the texture of foam to liquid when washing their hands, too. The downside is that some models require special soap (though, I've included a pick below that's compatible with any type of soap). Also, if you're worried about the amount that's dispensed, look for options that allow you to adjust the dispensed-soap volume.

One other important aspect for any automatic soap dispenser is the valve. The best dispensers have a valve that seals tightly after use, so you're not constantly mopping up wasted soap. Silicone is a reliable material for this, but not all manufacturers disclose their valve material. In any case, when selecting the picks below, I sifted through hundreds of Amazon reviews to confirm — silicone or not — that the seals were tight and there no complaints of leaking soap.

To help you find the perfect addition to your bathroom essentials, I've compiled a list of the best automatic soap dispenser below.

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Overall Best: simplehuman Soap Sensor Pump

For easy and accurate dispensing, this simplehuman soap sensor pump is great at avoiding messes or accidental spills, thanks in large part to the silicone valve that offers a secure seal between pumps. The automatic pump dispenses in an impressive 0.2 second, and you can adjust the amount of soap that comes out to suit your preference. The transparent, 8-ounce soap receptacle makes it easy to see when it's time to refill. Battery-powered, this dispenser can last up to a year on a single set of four double A batteries (which aren't included). And while the battery-compartment is located on the bottom of the dispenser, fans say that it's slightly raised, which helps keep water out and prevent corrosion.

What fans say: "I bought five of these back in 2015 for my house. All are still fully functional 4 years later, no issues. I highly recommend them if you’re looking for an automatic soap dispenser."


Best Rechargeable Soap Dispenser: simplehuman Stainless Steel Soap Sensor Pump

This 9-ounce capacity stainless steel soap dispenser pump is ideal if you're looking to make a longterm investment that's worth every penny. Super durable, fully waterproof, and rust-resistant, this pick uses a charger, and a single charge can last up to three months. With a silicone valve and a timeless design, dispensing is easy and spill-free. This dispenser also comes with a complimentary funnel for easy refilling. Best of all, it's available in your choice of four different finishes, including brass, white, polished stainless steel, and rose gold (pictured above).

What fans say: "This is such an improvement over the original old sensor soap pumps, I like the ease of filling, the ease of turning off (for when the housekeeper comes), and the ease of charging. The two selectable levels of soap dispensing are very convenient."


Best Foaming Dispenser: Lantoo Foaming Automatic Soap Dispenser

For an option with a larger capacity that uses less soap overall, this 16-ounce automatic foaming dispenser is the ticket. It features an infrared sensor that's super sensitive, and it also offers two different volume levels so you can choose how much soap comes out at a time. While some foam soap dispensers require special soap, this pick can turn any liquid soap into foam — just mix it with a one-to-three ratio of water. Though the manufacturer doesn't disclose the valve's material, the reviews are very positive, with a 4.3-star rating after hundreds of reviews.

Designed with a waterproof base and also wall-mountable, this pick runs on four AA batteries, which you'll have to purchase separately. Since the battery-compartment is located high up on the back of the dispenser, you don't have to worry about water seeping into it and causing corrosion.

What fans say: "Goes without saying that we love these. Have purchased one for every sink in our house. Easy to refill and extremely reliable. Easy on the batteries as well. Love that I can make my own foam soap refills."


Best Wall-Mounted Soap Dispenser: West Coach Wall Mounted Automatic Soap Dispenser

For the largest capacity option this list has to offer, this 23-ounce no-touch soap dispenser is a great option. This one is specifically designed to be wall-mounted, and it's easy to install, according to reviewers. The silicone valve has a suction feature, and reviewers say it works — dripping is virtually non-existent. Made from ABS plastic, it's very durable and designed with the battery compartment on the the bottom, which does require a key (included) to unlock. It requires four AA batteries that last for up to a year before needing to be replaced.

What fans say: "Very handy and the sensor sensitivity is perfect: it produces soap very quickly but doesn't trigger unless your hand is right under the spout. And no random drip. Battery life seems good."

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