Love Fancy Candles? These Kits Have Everything You Need To Make Them At Home For A Lot Less

Whether you’ve been pouring candles for a while or a complete novice, having one of the best candlemaking kits will give you everything you need to start your next project. The best DIY kits will include enough soy wax flakes to get you started, a durable container for heating and pouring, and the right centering tools to set each wick. It's a bonus if your kit includes scents and colors for customization without having to buy them separately.

While most candles are made with either paraffin wax or soy wax, most kits — including all of the options on this list — use the latter. Soy wax has become a popular alternative to petroleum-based paraffin. That's because many believe that it's less likely to emit potentially harmful toxins while the wick is burning. Soy candles also tend to melt a bit slower than paraffin candles, which means they’ll likely last longer.

Many worthwhile candlemaking sets also include durable melting pitchers that you can heat inside a double boiler on the stove or on top of a hot plate. They're typically reusable, which comes in handy if you're planning on making more candles in the future. The best kits also offer centering devices and round adhesives that hold the wicks in place.

Some kits also come with fragrance oils or dyes that you can pour into the wax to create scents and colored options. You'll also notice that a lot of candlemaking collections come with decorative tins, while others don't come with any at all. (In which case, you'll have to improvise with things like canning jars, old tins, and more.)

Whether you're looking for a new hobby or just want to expand on your DIY skills, the best candlemaking kits are sure to offer everything you're looking for.

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The Overall Best: This Kit With Everything You Need

This candlemaking setup is the full package when it comes to DIY kits. It comes with everything you need to make four candles, including 2 pounds of soy wax flakes, four tin containers with lids, four cotton wicks, four glue dots, one clip for wick placement, and four stirring sticks. The reusable melting pot also offers precise pouring with a slight spout, and the other accessories — such as the wax thermometer, finger protectors, and warning labels — make it safer to use. Not to mention, this kit includes 16 dye blocks and four scented oils (lavender, coconut lime, cotton clean, and cinnamon). In other words, you'll get to customize and pair your favorite colors and scents with ease.

According to fans: "Came in package exactly as pictured, with everything you need to make 4 scented candles. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow, and even for someone who has never made a candle, I was up and running in minutes. The candles are beautiful and I'm looking forward to burning them to see how they smell."


The Runner-Up: A Complete Set With Decorative Containers

If you're looking for containers that are a bit more decorative, this whimsical candlemaking kit has got you covered. It comes with six colorful tins that boast gorgeous designs, making them great gifts or unique decor for your home. Similar to the first option on this list, this kit comes with pretty much everything you need to get started including six 8-ounce bags of soy wax flakes, a reusable melting pot with mixing spoon, a wax thermometer, 14 glue dots, 14 cotton wicks, six centering devices, six fragrance oils, six colored dyes, and a set of detailed instructions that'll help guide you along the process. Unlike the first, it doesn't include a finger protector — so just be careful.

According to fans: "I wanted to start learning how to make candles so I decided to give this kit a try. It came with all the necessary tools needed to make the candles and everything was measured out perfectly. The directions were clear and it was easy to follow along. My candles came out great! I am excited to purchase my own products so I can continue to make candles now!"


A Budget-Friendly Pick That Covers The Basics

At less than $30, this candlemaking kit is a complete steal. Equipped with a durable melting pot that has measurement markings on the side and a spoon for mixing, this set helps you stir and set candles over and over again. It also comes with 0.66 pounds of soy wax, 50 cotton wicks, 50 adhesive dots, and two wick centering devices for easy use. Since there isn't too much wax included, you'll have to buy more when you're ready to use up the rest of the wicks and adhesive dots. Unlike some other kits on the list, this one does not come with jars, tins, scents, dyes, stirring sticks, or finger protectors — but for the price, you get a ton of items that'll give you a great start before you need to purchase more wax. One reviewer even improvised scents and used essential oil for a fragrance.

According to fans: "I made two small candles with repurposed jam jars with this kit. I can’t wait to get more wax to make more candles soon."


Another Great Set With Wide Containers That Fit 2 Wicks Each

Packaged with the soothing scents of lavender, lemon, and chamomile, this kit allows you to make large scented candles that'll burn for a long time. It comes with 1.5 pounds of soy wax flakes, an aluminum melting pot with a spout, and three wide-mouthed, 8-ounce candle containers that can hold two wicks each. It also includes six cotton wicks, as well as glue dots and centering sticks for wick placement. There's even a comprehensive guide that shows you how it's all done. This kit doesn't include any colored dyes, stirring sticks and spoons, or finger protectors — but the chic, cool-colored containers make up for it.

According to fans: "Making the candles was a breeze, each candle took about thirty minutes start to finish including clean up. The scents are nice and not over powering. The pour pot is very nice quality and I'll be able to use it for candles in the future. If you're interested in candle making and need a place to start, I highly recommend this kit."