These Cheap AF Waffle Makers Are Under $25 — So You Can Brunch On A Budget

Whether you’re making waffles for a family brunch or a workday breakfast on the go, the best cheap waffle makers are easy to clean, customizable, and a cinch to store.

But before you even start looking for cheap waffle makers, you’ll need to decide which style of waffles you’re into: Belgian or traditional. Belgian waffles are round, thick, and fluffy, with deep pockets that are great for holding lots of toppings — like berries and whip cream. Traditional waffles, on the other hand, are thin and crispy.

Once you’ve settled on your waffle preference, it's time to focus on features. The best waffle makers come with non-stick cooking plates, which are essential for quick and easy cleanup. And if you’re planning to host lots of breakfasts for friends and family, you should probably pick a waffle maker with multiple browning settings as well. That way, everyone can customize their waffle to their preferred level, from lightly toasted to brown and crisp.

You should also be sure to consider your storage needs because even streamlined waffle makers can take up valuable counter space. If you live alone in a studio apartment, for example, then a mini waffle maker might be the way to go. But even if your kitchen is the size of an entire studio apartment, it’s still a win to find a waffle maker that can be stored with ease.

Take a look at the best cheap waffle makers below. All of them are under $25 and highly rated on Amazon.

The Best Cheap Traditional Waffle Makers

If you're all about light waffles with some crunch, you want a traditional waffle maker. The ones here are affordable, reliable, and ready to transform your breakfast game.

  • The Best Overall

With non-stick cooking plates for easy cleanup and five different browning settings, it’s no surprise that the majority of Amazon customers give this model five stars. The Cuisinart Round Classic Waffle Maker is a great option for anyone with limited kitchen storage, since the machine is designed to stand on end when it’s not in use.

What fans say: “We bought this waffle maker about seven months ago. We use it one to two times per week. It has never burned a waffle. They come out crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It’s perfect! We did do as another reviewer wrote and cured the waffle maker on the first waffle. We added extra oil to the waffle mix and then cooked it much longer than needed. Since then, we don’t even spray or grease it at all.”

  • The Best Mini

Not only is this the cheapest waffle maker of the bunch, but for under $10, you won’t find a better, or more beloved, waffle maker than this one. The Dash Mini Waffle Maker is ideal for college students and anyone else living on their own. This hard-working little machine can cook any kind of wet batter with ease, plus works great for small paninis, hash browns, and even individual biscuit pizzas. Dual non-stick cooking plates make cleanup quick and easy, and 75 percent of Amazon customers gave it a five-star rating. Weighing just over one pound, it's compact and easy to store in even the smallest kitchens.

What fans say: “I added this to my cart on a whim and was prepared to face the consequences of impulse buying, but I was pleasantly surprised at how nice this waffle iron is! It heats evenly and quickly, feels sturdy, and is perfectly sized for a snack sized serving. I've made regular waffles and a bunch of different desserts already, and they've all turned out well … Takes up very little room, too.”

The Best Cheap Belgian Waffle Maker

If the only waffle you're interested in is of the Belgian variety, you'll love the best budget waffle maker below.

  • The Best Overall

The Hamilton Beach Mess Free Belgian Waffle Maker bakes one whole Belgian waffle at a time that can easily be split into eight individual waffle sticks — making this model an excellent choice for breakfast on the go. It comes with non-stick grids for easy cleanup and boasts a 4.2-star customer rating on Amazon, with 69 percent of users giving the waffle maker five stars. It’s also been tested and approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Kitchen Appliances and Technology Lab, and it made Good Housekeeping’s 2019 list of the best waffle makers.

What fans say: “My husband is notorious for overflowing my waffle maker! We replaced it recently because it was falling apart and got this one. He has yet to flood it and it includes its own measuring cup. The kids love it because we don't have to cut their waffles, they can just break them apart with their hands.”

  • The Best Flip

The Bella Rotating Waffle Maker makes one round waffle in under three minutes, and offers nine different browning settings. It's rotating function gives you consistently even waffles every time. Cleanup is simple thanks to its non-stick coating and drip tray, and storing it is easy too thanks to its folding mode.

What fans say: “We use this nearly daily. My husband is now addicted to buckwheat waffles. It never leaves the counter top. Whenever we have guests, the waffles are a big hit. If this ever breaks I'm going to have to buy another right away. But it's stood up to constant use for over a year with no evidence of wear.”

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