The 4 Best Compression Socks For Wide Calves


When it comes to working out, compression socks are one of the most underrated pieces of clothing you can own. Not only do they feel like a hug for your legs, but they also improve your blood circulation and reduce swelling. The only problem? Standard socks may not work for every size. Luckily, the best compression socks for wide calves are comfy and can help you kill your workout.

To choose the right socks, it all comes down to one word: stretch. While most options offer some stretch, compression socks for wider legs usually feature a higher percentage of spandex woven in their fabric for a perfect fit. You'll also want to look out for elastic bands around the top that are made from extra soft, stretchy fibers so that the socks stay put without digging into your skin, too.

Consider your personal style. The options are nearly endless when it comes to athletic compression socks, but there are also dressier options you can wear under a chic pair of boots or a long skirt. There are even standard socks that look like crew socks, only with gentle compression to help relieve foot pain throughout the day.

It's not easy to find the best compression socks for wide calves. Here's a roundup of some excellent options to help you narrow down your search.


A Standard Sock For Everyday Wear

If you're in the market for an everyday sock, this standard compression sock is a must-have. For one, it comes in four different sizes and features a variety of calf circumference options so you can easily find your perfect fit. This pair offers 20 to 30 millimeters of mercury worth of pressure, which provides the perfect amount of compression for everyday wear. Even better, they come with the backing of nearly 10,000 Amazon reviewers. Each sock is knee-high and features graduated compression technology to cradle your leg in all the right places to promote blood flow. And with a ton of color options, you can opt for a neutral to wear under your work trousers or a bolder color to wear while you're working out. One fan described it best: "[These are] the best I've tried thus far (and I've tried a lot of compression socks)."

  • Sizes Available: Small - X-Large


A Textured Option You Can Wear Under Boots

Not only do these textured knee-high socks look cute under boots, but they're also super supportive. The top elastic binding is made from soft material that gently molds to your skin without digging in too much. Plus, the socks themselves are made from antibacterial fabrics to prevent odor, and there's virtually no cotton in them so they won't absorb sweat and make you feel chilly and wet. Plus, two pairs of socks cost less than $10, making these a total steal. Note: These have a bit less spandex in their blend than others on this list (they're made with just 1 percent spandex), so the compression level will be slightly less with this pair. Still, one reviewer writes, "I immediately reordered! I love these socks. I have large calves for my size. Because of the knit pattern (very expandable) these fit comfortably over my calves and allow me to wear knee socks again. My legs thank you. The foot part fits as expected and has a nicely cushioned sole."

  • Sizes Available: One Size Only (Size 4-10 Shoes)


A Knee-High Sock That's Worn By Professional Athletes

These athletic compression socks aren't just for the layman — professional athletes wear this brand, too. And for good reason: These knee-high socks feature graduated compression targeted at areas of the calf and leg that tend to get fatigued while working out. These compression socks are designed with 18 percent elastane, making them a great choice for anyone with wide calves. Bonus: They also wick away sweat. On top of that, these socks even help regulate your temperature so you don't overheat while you exercise. One Amazon reviewer praises them, writing, "I have tried many compression socks and there are none that compare to [Zensah]. I am a nurse and former long distance runner and I recommend these socks to both!"

  • Sizes Available: Small - X-Large


An Affordable 6-Pack With Lots Of Stretch

This pack of compression socks has you covered almost every day of the week. It comes with six pairs of socks made from a stretchy 10 percent spandex blend that holds your calves without constricting them. In fact, they're so stretchy that you can get an extra inch out of them when you slip them on so they reach right up to the knee. These offer 15 to 20 millimeters of mercury worth of pressure, so they'll hug your feet nicely while you wear them. Reviewers especially love how breathable these socks are. One writes, "By far, the most comfortable, best fitting socks. I have tried many brands and these are the best. They wash well, keep their shape and soft texture. The toe box is perfect in size. The upper band is wide with just enough tension to keep the sock up all day-they never slide down."

  • Sizes Available: Small - X-Large

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