Yes, You Need A Memory Foam Mattress With Cool Gel — & These Are The 4 Best Ones

If you're devoted to your memory foam mattress, you already know that its benefits include providing incredible support to your back, neck, legs, and hips, and retaining its shape and feel for years and maybe even decades. The best cool gel memory foam mattresses add even more to that formula.

Like their memory foam counterparts, they're made from viscoelastic, but the major difference is that they're also infused with cooling gel material that often appears as a single or double layer within the mattress, transforming it into a cooling mattress.

If you're a sweaty sleeper, live in warm climate, or just can't deal with the heat of traditional memory foam mattress, having that gel base will make a world of difference. Gel foam allows for better air circulation so that your mattress stays cooler. You'll get all of the advantages of a memory foam mattress, but you won't wake up sweaty.

Depending on your preferred sleep position and how firm or soft you like your mattress, there's an amazing gel memory foam version on this list that will make you look forward to going to bed each night. They vary in terms of number of layers, height, and a few other features, but they're all excellent options that will make your nights cooler and more comfortable.


The Overall Best Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Behold, the all-around best gel memory foam mattress considering price and versatility.

Why it's great: Its soft-medium feel is comfortable for all sleep positions. Also, memory foam mattresses are known for their height, and this one doesn’t disappoint. It's a 12-inch mattress with 2.5-inch airflow memory foam positioned over one inch of gel-infused viscose (like most memory foam beds, the base is made up of dense, supportive memory foam).

Sizes and setup: It comes in seven sizes, including short queen and twin XL, and the manufacturers even throw in a free memory foam pillow. The mattress itself comes rolled up in a box and is described as really easy to set up. The best part? It doesn’t have that common chemical odor that can be a problem with many memory foam mattresses.


A Super Affordable Cooling Mattress That's Best For Stomach Sleepers & Budgeters

For the price, this gel memory foam mattress is a solid option that's great for stomach sleepers — or anyone on a budget.

Why it's great: Stomach sleepers need a firm mattress so that their faces don’t sink into the mattress, and since this one has a firm feel and dual layers, it prevents that entirely. It has a 1-inch layer of cooling, ventilated gel, which rests over a 4-inch supportive memory foam base that won't aggravative your back or neck. Plus, if you prefer a shorter mattress, you'll be pleased to know that this option is a mere 5 inches tall. Some reviewers say they've even used it as a topper.

Sizes and setup: It comes in seven sizes, from twin XL to California king, and — surprise, surprise — ships compressed and rolled for an easy setup.


The Best Mattress For Couples With Motion Isolation Technology

This gel memory foam mattress is the perfect option for couples, thanks to motion isolation: If one person is tossing and turning, their sleep partner won’t be disturbed from the movement.

Why it's great: Aside from the fact that you'll finally be able to toss and turn without hearing it from your partner the next morning (and vice versa), this mattress is a standout thanks to its many layers — many of which are designed to keep you cool and comfortable. It has a supportive base layer, a ventilated airflow zone, a 2.5-inch gel memory foam layer that relieves pressure on your body, a layer of New Zealand wool for natural moisture wicking, and a removable cover made from sustainable, cooling bamboo. It's got a medium-firm feel that works best for back and stomach sleepers, but it’s soft enough to get away with if you shift to your side during the night.

Sizes and setup: It comes in six sizes, including twin XL and California king, and ships compressed and rolled for an easy setup anywhere. A 13-inch configuration is also available, and that option features features even more gel memory foam.


A Hybrid Mattress With A Cooling Memory Foam Layer & Springs

If you're not ready to ditch springs just yet, this is a hybrid gel memory foam and spring mattress with ultra cooling properties.

Why it's great: Its hybrid nature warrants a more springy feel, which a lot of people prefer to dense memory foam. The memory foam prevents those springs from poking out at you, so it's the perfect balance of bounce and soft support. Hybrid mattresses also allow for better air circulation and tend to be cooler, so if you're a sweaty sleeper, this is an excellent choice to consider. It features 2.5 inches of gel memory foam and is described as medium-firm, which makes it a equally suitable for stomach and back sleepers. You won't sink into this mattress, but it’s also not so firm that you’ll wake up with hip pains.

Sizes and setup: It's available in eight sizes — all the way up to California king! — and, like the others on this list, ships compressed and rolled. You have to let it expand for a full 24 hours before use, but otherwise, setup is a breeze.

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