4 Cooling Collars That'll Keep Your Pup Comfortable During The Dog Days Of Summer


Whether it's the middle of summer or your pup is out all day in a hot climate, one of the best cooling dog collars can keep your dog comfortable even in the thickest heat. But, there are a ton of cheap cooling collars out there that are essentially junk — so it pays to do your research before buying.

A few things to know from the start: Most cooling collars rely on technology like frozen gel inserts or cooling fabrics that you store in the freezer prior to use. That means, as soon as you remove them, they will slowly lose their cooling properties. That being said, manufacturers will advertise how long their collars can stay cool for, and reviewers can confirm these time frames. So, take to the reviews to ensure they'll last as long as you need them too.

You also want to make sure that the material is soft and comfortable. The inserts on lots of collars make them bulky and rigid — there’s no sense in trading one discomfort for another. From there, it just comes down to budget. As with most products, spending a bit extra can yield better cooling properties. But, if you're not ready or willing to invest a lot of money, there are some affordable options that still work.

To help you out, I’ve scoured Amazon, reading all of the reviews and researching the options to find you the best cooling dog collars out there.


The Best Overall, All Things Considered

Constructed with tough but flexible silicone that stays soft without losing its shape, this cooling dog collar keeps pups cool for an impressive two hours. It features a smooth buckle that fastens securely without being uncomfortable. The only drawback is that a few reviewers noted it is heavy. "We love it," said one Amazon user. "It is heavy, but a 140 lb dog seems fine with that. On hot days it cools him down, and we found it even soothed him a bit during fireworks this year." This option is built for large dogs but it comes in four sizes in four different neck widths: small, medium, large, and extra-large.


The Runner Up

The problem with some cooling collars is that the freezer packets make them rigid and bulky which is not comfortable for your pup. This unique fleece cooling collar, however, is built with cozy fabric and soft, flexible gel inserts that you slide inside. It's lined with neoprene to keep it cold longer (poor insulation is a common problem with a lot of cooling collars) and the inside showcases comfy terry cloth that cradles your dog's neck and prevents freezer burn. It is adjustable enough to accommodate a wide range of neck sizes and for exceptionally small dogs you can put it around their waist. One reviewer reports that this collar stays cold for around one hour to an hour and a half.


The Best Collar And Vest Combination

This sleek collar-vest duo relies on FlexiFreeze technology that pulls heat from your pooch via removable ice packs. As the ice melts and turns to liquid, it eliminates heat at your dog's body core. The sleeve that holds the ice pack is made with a lightweight neoprene and tough, chew-resistant nylon so it's soft and bendy. The material is strong, flexible, and fully machine-washable. One reviewer says it'll keep your pup cool for up to an hour, while another cautions that buying the refills, which you can slide into the vest and collar when the ones inside start to warm, is invaluable. Both this vest and the refills are size specific, so make sure you measure your pup before you buy.


The Best Scarf

This cooling collar comes with the gel pieces you can use to make it icy cool, while the fabric itself is also made with evaporative cooling material so you can soak it in water and use it alone. You can also use regular ice cubes instead of the gel inserts, offering three ways in total to wear the collar. It's made with durable fabric and a soft, well-fitting design your pooch will love. The collar is fully adjustable; however, one drawback is that it only fits dogs in the medium range. You can tighten it up but your dog needs to be in the 14- to 16-inch neck range. While some reviewers claim this cooling scarf can get warm quickly, others rotate the three ice packs (included) as they start to get warm and report it can stay cooler for much longer.

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