Make Art Without Spending A Ton Of Cash With The Best Copic Marker Alternatives

Designers and artists largely consider Copic to be the standard for professional-quality markers — but the brand is also undeniably pricey. The best Copic marker alternatives offer most of the same features at a much lower price point. That said, quality alternatives aren't easy to come by, so before you start shopping, it helps to know exactly what makes the Copic brand so special.

Copic markers are alcohol-based rather than water-based, so they dry much more quickly to avoid damaging paper. They're also refillable, recyclable, and offer the ability to change out the tip (or nib) when it starts to wear down. Most Copic markers are double-ended with two different thicknesses, as well as oval-shaped so they don't roll off the table. Finally, they're available in a huge selection of vivid colors.

While not all of these features are a necessity (you'll likely have trouble finding a cheaper option that's refillable), brands that offer most of these qualities will make for the best Copic dupes. The following four marker sets are all alcohol-based, dual-sided, and come in a wide selection of colors. Some are also designed to not roll away and have replaceable tips for a Copic-like feel without the hefty price tag.

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The Overall Best Copic Marker Alternative

The Bianyo Classic Series comes in a set of 72 permanent, alcohol-based markers — plus a zippered carrying case and clear blender — for just $40. The nibs are made from premium material while the colors are vivid and blendable. Much like Copic, these pens are barrel-shaped and dual-sided with both a chiseled and a fine tip. They're also nontoxic and come with a one-year replacement promise. No wonder they have a 4.6-star rating and over 1,900 reviews.

One reviewer wrote: "This marker set is great! I bought it for the amazing price (WAY cheaper than Copic), wide range of colors (comparable to Copic), and the fact that it comes with a blender! I have had no trouble with the ink bleeding or flowing unevenly, as is my fear in purchasing every kind of art marker."


The Best Marker Set Under $30

If you're looking to limit your art supply spending to less than $30, the Ohuhu alcohol marker set is likely the best pick for you. It comes with 40 different colors — which should cover the vast majority of your projects — and each one is dual-sided, number-coded to help you find the shade you're looking for, and has an oblong-shaped barrel to prevent rolling. Last but not least, this affordable set also comes with a free case and a blender.

One reviewer wrote: "I must say these are the best cheap alternative I've ever tried. The pigments are extremely rich and the lighter colors tend to look watercolory (which I enjoy). Almost no streaking if you work quickly before the ink dries."


The Best Marker Sets For Specific Color Schemes

Copic offers specific color sets, so if you find yourself using the same shades over and over again while drawing people, landscapes, or comics, you can buy replacements without having to re-purchase the colors you don't need. Winsor & Newton offers similar marker sets like Landscape, Skin Tones, Metallic, Neon, Pastel, Manga, and all black. No matter which color scheme you opt for, all of the markers are alcohol-based, quick-drying, blendable, and dual-sided with thick and thin tips. Plus, the pointed caps double as blenders.

One reviewer wrote: "Purchased for my niece who is really into [Manga] art. I decided to purchase this because I found YouTube reviews of these markers and comparison videos to Copic. While you can't replace the ink with the more expensive brand, these work [just] as well."


The Largest Set For The Most Color Options

For those looking for a huge selection of different colors, these ARTEZA markers are the way to go. The $126 set comes with 120 different shades, which breaks down to just over $1 a marker. They all contain nontoxic, alcohol-based ink and dual-sided tips you can replace with new nibs when they start to wear down. Finally, the set also includes a blender and a portable organizer case that contains 144 marker slots.

One reviewer wrote: "First off, the range of colors is amazing! Second, I've used these on a number of different papers. They all go down great; there's no streaking, and both of the tips work really well for both details and to quickly cover a piece in color. They also blend spectacularly."