The 4 Best Discreet Vibrators

I'm a huge proponent of having a large collection of vibrators — a wardrobe of vibrators, if you will. Different vibes serve different purposes, and having more than one is the key to ensuring you're always getting what you crave. If you're someone looking for a vibrator you can take on the road, you need something that slips under the radar. Even better, a ton of the best discreet vibrators don't even look like vibrators at all.

The four small vibrators on this list, below, come in all sorts of discreet designs; some are even disguised as everyday objects, like a tube of lipstick. But don't be fooled by their deceptively simple appearances, because these toys pack a serious punch, with features like tongue-licking motions and multiple vibration modes.

Besides appearance, when shopping for a vibrator to use on the down-low, you want to think about the noise factor, too. Ideally, your new discreet vibrator will run whisper-quiet, which all of the options on this list do.

If you're looking to keep your masturbation rituals on the down-low, whether you have a roommate and thin walls or you're headed on a family vacation, scroll on to discover the most discreet vibrators you can buy on Amazon.