These Super Discreet Vibrators Are Perfect For Self-Lovin' On The Down-Low

I'm a huge proponent of having a large collection of vibrators — a wardrobe of vibrators, if you will. Different vibes serve different purposes, and having more than one is the key to ensuring you're always getting what you crave. If you're someone looking for a vibrator you can take on the road, you need something that slips under the radar. Even better, a ton of the best discreet vibrators don't even look like vibrators at all.

The four small vibrators on this list, below, come in all sorts of discreet designs; some are even disguised as everyday objects, like a tube of lipstick. But don't be fooled by their deceptively simple appearances, because these toys pack a serious punch, with features like tongue-licking motions and multiple vibration modes.

Besides appearance, when shopping for a vibrator to use on the down-low, you want to think about the noise factor, too. Ideally, your new discreet vibrator will run whisper-quiet, which all of the options on this list do.

If you're looking to keep your masturbation rituals on the down-low, whether you have a roommate and thin walls or you're headed on a family vacation, scroll on to discover the most discreet vibrators you can buy on Amazon.


Best Vibrator That Looks Like Lipstick

There's nothing more discreet than a vibrator that doesn't even look like a vibrator at all. This Bon'Time Bullet Vibrator is shaped like a tube of lipstick, which means you can keep it in your purse and no one will be the wiser. But just because it's a novelty choice doesn't mean it won't get the job done. This powerful buzzer has 10 vibration speeds, which is a lot more than other bullet vibrators offer, and it's also waterproof, easy to clean, and rechargeable via USB.

"You’d never know this is a vibrator just by looking at the device. It legitimately looks like lipstick!" one reviewer wrote. "I appreciate the wide variety of vibration patterns as well ... The vibration intensity is plenty strong especially considering the compact size of the product."

Another fan of the vibrator wrote, "The vibrations are surprisingly strong for its size."


Best Discreet Vibrator For Minimalists

If novelty isn't exactly your style, reach for this Bombex Bullet Vibrator instead. It's the size of a lipstick, and its minimal, black appearance would never give away that it's a vibrator. But what it lacks in size it makes up in power. This Bombex bullet has 12 vibration patterns and runs whisper-quiet; plus, it's also waterproof and rechargeable, like the option above. Plus, the ring on the end keeps it securely attached to your finger, without the risk of it slipping off.

One reviewer shared, "Best product ever had in this category. Powerful, long battery life, 12 speeds all functional, hard casing for easy cleaning, managed heat very well so item doesn’t have overheating problems like some products ... Easily the best bullet ever purchased here. Highly highly recommend."

Another fan wrote, "Good thing that it has the loop to help hold on - this little thing packs some serious power. Multiple modes make it more interesting."


Best Discreet Tongue-Shaped Vibrator

Is it a massager, or is it a vibrator? You won't be able to tell the difference with this SVAKOM Echo Violet Tongue-Shaped Vibrator. Its tongue-shaped design offers powerful vibrations that feel like a tongue massaging your clit, rocking your pleasure button until you climax. It's also waterproof and tiny enough to fit in the palm of your hand, though it might be a bit too big to fit in a small purse. Though this model isn't USB-rechargeable, it comes with its own cord, and each charge provides up to an hour of pleasure. Reviewers say it runs quiet, and one in particular noted, "[t]his might be the quietest vibrator I've ever owned!"

Another fan wrote of the vibrator, "This is my absolute favorite toy. I use it all the time. I've had it for 6 months now and I've only charged it twice. The battery life is amazing."

Yet another enthusiastic reviewer wrote, "Totally recommend it to all the women who are in the beginning stage of self-exploring. It’s definitely a game-changer. I tried a few different toys but this one has been my long time favorite. It’s simple with basic functions to fulfill all you need."


Best Discreet Finger Vibrator

Remember how I said you should have a wardrobe of vibrators? This Adorime Powerful Bullet Vibrator is one everyone should own. This itty-bitty vibe slips onto your finger, so you don't have to worry about a hand cramp midway through your masturbation session. But the real winning aspect is the interchangeable heads — one that's great just for your clit, and two that can be used on your clit or inside of your vagina. It's like you're getting three vibrators for the price of one. And since the vibrator is whisper-quiet, it's incredibly discreet.

"This little toy is great!" wrote one reviewer. "It comes with a bullet vibe as well as three silicone sleeves that are as pictured for the product. It has good strong vibrations and the sleeves give added friction that can help get more stimulation than you could get with a bare finger alone."

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