11 Discreet Sex Toys To Travel With


As summer gets closer and closer, we find ourselves getting into prime vacation season. With every vacation means packing the essentials: SPF, a few beach reads, bathing suits, a night out dress, and, of course, a vibrator. Sure, you can travel without a vibrator, but really, why would you? Whether you're single or in a relationship, leaving home for even just a few days without your vibrator is just crazy talk. That being said, traveling with sex toys isn't always easy.

As someone who had to once explain to an agent at Charles De Gaulle Airport that the little pink phallic-looking thing he held in his hand was a "vibreur," (French for vibrator) while he shook it next to his ear, I can confirm that being caught with a vibrator can be awkward. I may not have any problem with embracing my sexuality, but I do have a problem with being yelled at loudly in French about the belongings in my bag. (It was a wine bottle opener I had forgotten about that sent him into a tailspin of fury.)

“You won’t want a big mysterious object to show on the security monitor," Stephanie Keating, We-Vibe Brand Manager, tells Bustle. "Instead, stick with a petite but powerful toy, that can easily be tucked away in an inner suitcase pocket."

But since I won't be giving up traveling with a vibrator (or three) anytime soon, I'm grateful to live in a time when sex toys are subtle and, sometimes, don't even look like sex toys. So if you're looking for something that you can bring along on your next trip that won't have the TSA giving you 30 questions, here are 11 sex toys that are best for travel.


Womanizer 2GO

Womanizer 2GO, $169, Amazon

From the company that gave us the Womanizer, “the world’s only PleasureAir stimulator,” comes the Womanizer 2GO with the same technology, only smaller. Not only is it smaller, but it's designed to look exactly like a tube of lipstick. So should you get caught with an extra nosy agent at the airport while carrying this toy around, no one, the agent especially, will be the wiser. Hell, you could accidentally drop it on the floor and nobody will know your happy little secret.


Crave Vesper

Crave Vesper, $79, Amazon

So stealth and sleek, the Crave Vesper is a vibrator you can wear around your neck because it doesn't just look like jewelry, but it is jewelry. Traveling with this sex toy is more than easy, because to the uneducated eye — meaning anyone who doesn't have one — it's just a really cool looking necklace.


Callie Bullet Vibe

Callie Bullet Vibe, $32, Amazon

Looking a bit like a tube a lipstick and a bit like a little bottle of perfume, the Callie Bullet Vibe is the perfect option when traveling. It may be tiny, but it's efficient AF, with seven vibration settings and the ability to fully charge in only two hours.


Iroha Stick Vibe

Iroha Stick Vibe, $28, Amazon

From the packaging to the shape and look, Tenga's Iroha Stick Vibe looks just like a stick of lipstick either up close or from across the room. The angled silicone tip provides different stimulation depending on how you position it against your clitoris.


Tenga Flip

Tenga Flip, $62, Amazon

At first glance the Tenga Flip may look like a charger for a phone or maybe even a future model of an iPod, but with a quick flip, this sex toy reveals that it's a masturbation sleeve for men. Designed to stimulate with the right amount of pressure on specific spots, no one will know what the hell it is.


Jimmyjane Form 5

Jimmyjane Form 5, $51, Amazon

What could it be?! It certainly doesn't look like a vibrator — is it a child's toy? A funny looking stress ball? Does it have candy it in? The possibilities for this vibrator, that's perfect from both women and men, are endless. No matter what, it's not going to raise a single eyebrow.


Njoy Pure Plug

Njoy Pure Plug, $49, Amazon

If anal play is your thing and you don't want to travel without a butt plug, then Njoy's Pure Plug is the butt plug for you. Discreet and looking more like an interesting conversation piece than a butt plug, traveling with this toy shouldn't give you any hassle.


Rose Lipstick Vibe

Rose Lipstick Vibe, $17, Amazon

Because who only has one tube of lipstick? If you look in my bag, you'll find half a dozen different colors! Since that's just how it is for those of us who wear lipstick, it completely makes sense that you'd have a few lipstick-looking vibrators, too. Just twist it up, like you would with actual lipstick, and you have access to one powerful vibration.


Rianne S. Heart Vibe

Rianne S. Heart Vibe, $26, Amazon

Yes, it totally looks like a heart-shaped compact or maybe just a cutesy mirror. But no, it's anything but. Instead, it's a rechargeable vibrator with 10 speeds.


Nitrile Stretch Cock Rings

Nitrile Stretch Cock Rings, $9, Amazon

If you and a male partner have yet to try cock rings, it's time. Not only do cock rings make men last longer, but a vibrating cock ring can help you experience a vaginal orgasm. The best part about the Nitrile Stretch Cock Rings isn't just the positive effect it will have on your sex life, but the fact that you can rock them as if they're old school jelly bracelets. It doesn't get cooler than that.


I Rub My Duckie

I Rub My Duckie, $21, Amazon

Although the summer doesn't exactly conjure up thoughts of hot, bubble baths, it doesn't mean you can't travel with your favorite rubber duckie. Whether you put it in your checked bag or your carry-on, this sex toy won't be setting off any alarms. You're simply a woman who doesn't want to leave her rubber duckie behind — and no one can blame you.

Since masturbation is pretty much the key to ultimate happiness, traveling with your favorite sex toy(s) just makes sense. Of course, there's nothing to embarrassed about — we all have a right to pleasure, wherever we are. But while you may want to lug the six-inch butt plug or Rabbit Habit Deluxe on your trips, if you want to to slip in out and of security without a hassle, it may be best choose something a bit more low-key. And, make sure to take note of how to charge your toy. “If you have a battery-operated toy, remove the batteries," Keating says. "If you have a rechargeable vibrator, you may want to run the charge out before you pack it. But, don’t forget to pack your charging cable."

Of course, if you don't mind the hassle, because you just can't survive vacation without your Sybian, then go for it. As for the rest of us, these 11 products will help you avoid any awkwardness that might throw a wrench into your vacation plans. Enjoy!