If You Have A Long-Haired Dog, These Brushes Are Going To Be Life-Changers

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Whether you have a sheepdog or terrier, the best dog brushes for long hair can help keep their coat in top condition. You should always choose a brush that works for your dog’s hair length and coat type so as to avoid pulling or scratching at their delicate skin. The three most common types of dog brushes are slicker, bristle, and wire-pin. Depending on your dog’s coat type, you may need more than one variety of brush to groom properly.

Slicker brushes are the best option for medium-to-long hair and curly double-coat breeds like retrievers, poodles, bichon frise, huskies, and American water spaniels, as they help to remove knots and tangles from both the top and undercoat. For breeds with long, thin, and silkier coats, such as maltese and Yorkshire terrier, a soft bristle brush will suffice to smooth out that hair. Also, for de-matting on long-haired coats, a wire-pin brush can be used. In fact, since many dog parents find they need a soft bristle brush for everyday grooming and a wire-pin brush for more serious detangling, some brushes are a combination of the two so that you have all you need in one bristly package.

Brush type aside, there are a few other factors worth considering. Look for a brush that's ergonomically shaped for a comfortable grip. Some brushes are self-cleaning, with retractable bristles that make it easy to remove any fur they've collected. And if your dog hates being groomed, a brush that fits in your palm will be less visible and may provoke less anxiety.

Scroll on for my roundup of the best dog brushes for long hair to keep your furry friend looking their finest.

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A Self-Cleaning Slicker Brush For Longer Coats

The Hertzko self-cleaning slicker brush is a top pick among pet owners, boasting over 9,000 five-star reviews on Amazon. This brush has thin bent wires designed to reach down into your pet’s undercoat to remove mats and tangles without hurting them.

The brush is also designed to make grooming a comfortable experience for you, too. With an easy-grip anti-slip handle, there's no need to worry about wrist strain, even when working your way through some serious tangles. A self-cleaning button retracts the brush's bristles, pushing all the hair collected out of the brush so you don't even have to touch it. While this pick costs a bit more than the average slicker brush, it's well worth it for the self-cleaning feature and comfortable grip.

According to a fan: “Cleaning it is AMAZING, just press the button, pull the pad of hair off, and it doesn't fill up until after nearly a full session of brushing"


A Cheap Combo Brush For Every Type of Long Hair Dog

If you have multiple dogs with different types of coats, or if you want a single brush that can smooth and detangle, the Hartz Groomer’s combo brush is a great budget-friendly option. This combo brush works for a range of long coat types from curly to heavy. One side is a soft nylon bristle brush for basic everyday brushing that helps distribute the natural oils in your dog’s coat. The other side is a wire-pin brush to help remove knots and detangle long fur. The handle is also designed to be ergonomic, so it’s comfortable to hold even during long grooming sessions. Plus, for just under $6, it’s a great deal. The brush is also available in a bunch of different style, including a slicker or de-shedder brush or one intended for smaller dogs.

According to a fan: “The brush - both sides - is great for combing long-haired dogs, my dog does not seem to mind. It's nice that it can be washed by water/soap too.”


A Wire-Pin Brush For Longer Coats That Mimics Palm-Petting

The Conair Pet-It pin brush has a unique design that simulates palm-petting to make the grooming experience not only comfortable but soothing for your pooch. It’s made to fit easily into the palm of your hand, which makes it ideal for pets that dislike the sight of brushes. The brush's metal pins are topped with comfort tips help to detangle without scratching your dog’s delicate skin. You can use this calming wire-pin brush on all types of coats and lengths, but it’s ideal for long, silky coats.

Conair also makes this brush in a number of different styles, such as a soft slicker brush and shampooing massage brush.

According to a fan: “Nice little brush with an excellent handgrip feature. Though it's small, it is very effective. I use it on my large, rough coat, Border Collie. Will probably end up buying another to keep in the car for a quick brush out during competition downtime.”


A Bristle & Pin Brush Designed To Smooth & Detangle Long Coats

The Groomist porcupine brush offers the best of both worlds when it comes to grooming. This brush features soft bristles for basic brushing, along with pins that help detangle with every stroke. Rather than utilizing a double-sided design, this single-sided combo brush allows you to tackle matts while simultaneously smoothing and getting rid of static.

The handle on the brush has an ergonomic design with a comfortable grip and can be used on puppies and adult dogs alike. You can get it in a variety of sizes depending on your preference, or opt for one of this brush's handful of other formats.

According to a fan: “This combination bristle and pin brush are just what I was looking for. I brush my perpetually shedding Golden Retriever daily, and this removes his undercoat while smoothing out the longer topcoat. The brush is exactly like a more expensive red version (with a designer name) and seems to last just about as long.”