Keep Your Pup's Food Fresh With These Airtight Storage Containers

With many different ways to store your dog’s meals, it might be a little overwhelming to narrow down the right option. The key to finding the best dog food storage container is making sure that the material is safe, durable, and easy to clean.

If you’ve already started looking for types of containers, you’ve most likely run into the disagreement between using either plastic or glass for dog food. Either option is completely up to you, but you’ll want to ensure that the container you choose is BPA free and airtight so that it’s free of moisture and protected from pests.

While a glass container is nonporous and odor-free, it can easily break if not put in a safe place away from your pet. With plastic containers, they're more durable and portable, however it’s especially essential to wash and dry them frequently. If not washed with care, oils can be absorbed into the material, eventually causing your dog’s food to become foul and unsafe to eat. Another option with plastic is to keep the dog food in its original packaging and put the whole bag in the container. With this option, it's still necessary to wash the container when refilling food, but the packaging provides extra protection.

When it comes to your beloved pup, I can understand how much pressure it might be looking for the best dog products, but after doing research and scouring through Amazon reviews, I’ve gathered the best options to help ease your purchasing process. My picks vary from material and type, but all are free from harmful ingredients, easily washable, and are available in different sizes. Read more to find the best dog food containers and choose the one that makes the most sense for you and your pet.


The Overall Best

What's great about it: Both durable and food-safe, this Anchor Hocking Montana glass jar will remain stain and odor-free. This jar is a great glass option, equipped with a fresh-seal lid to ensure that your dog's food is kept safe. It's also available in multiple sizes ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 gallons, and it allows for easy scooping with its wide-mouth opening. The glass container is dishwasher-safe, which makes it easy to clean, but it's important to note that the metal lid should be hand-washed. Remember, since this jar is made out of glass, it's best to keep it in an area that's inaccessible for your pet to ensure their safety.

What fans say: "We have other Montana jars and purchased this to store [dog] food. Its airtight, so it keeps the food fresh and is also a very pretty jar. We leave it on the counter, and it's so much more attractive than plastic storage options or an unsightly bag of [dog] food. I would caution that this is a HUGE jar, so make sure you have space for it!”


The Best Plastic Container

What's great about it: If you're set on finding a sturdy and affordable plastic option, the Vittles Vault stackable container definitely fits the bill. The plastic is FDA-approved and made from materials that are food-grade and BPA-free, making it super safe for your pet. This container is also suitable and most ideal for larger-sized dogs, as its size options range from 5 to 80 pounds. It is also ideal for outside storage, and its air-tight seal will protect your dog's food from any moisture or pests. However, it's probably best not leave the containers in hot and humid climates but rather in a cool, dry environment.

What fans say: "We bought this container to use for dog food storage outside. It is awesome! It seals great so no water gets in and it has lasted all winter with no problems. It is easy to unseal and reseal and we have enjoyed having the dog food outside and safe without the possibility of getting water damage or mold. So great buy for us!"


The Most Durable

What's great about it: Although stainless steel containers may run on the pricier side, this simplehuman pet food storage can is a great investment if you're looking for durability and smart design. The container is fingerprint-proof, kitchen- and pantry-friendly, and is built to last for years. It also comes with a magnetic scoop mounted on the lid, built-in wheels, and a super dependable, airtight seal, checking off all the boxes for efficiency and accessibility. The clever design makes this a perfect option if you're looking for a place to store your dog's food in its original bag.

If your dog has previously gotten into or broken food containers, the steel and lock-tight handle should keep them out. While the exterior of this container is stainless steel, it's important to note that the inner-lining is plastic, however, it's BPA-free and easy to remove for cleaning.

What fans say: "I have used this container twice a day for over six years, and it is still going strong. I absolutely love it. The wheels and the magnetic scoop are nice features, and the design is sleek. I highly recommend this container."


The Most Portable

What's great about it: With sturdy, caster wheels on all four sides, this airtight pet food container is super helpful when moving dog food from pantry to kitchen or even from kitchen to backyard. Not only mobile, this BPA-free plastic container is also easy to hold and has a lid that dual dispenses. It's worth noting that while the size options from 22 pounds and up all have wheels, the smaller options do not.

What fans say: "I purchased this because we needed a bigger container for our dog food. It holds our 30lb bag of dog food perfectly with extra room at the top for the scoop! It is NOT completely to the top, which I like. Love that it is on wheels so I can move it easily to clean. Also love that it has a latch to hold the top down if needed. Great purchase!"


Also Helpful: A Set Of Flexible Lids For Wet Canned Food

What's great about it: Just in case your pup prefers wet dog food, these SACRONS universal silicone lids are a great solution in the fridge. While Ziploc bags and plastic containers may be messy, these lids easily fit on all types of cans and are safe for the dishwasher. This option is also safe and healthy for your pet, as the lid is made out of food-grade silicone that is 100-percent FDA-certified and BPA-free.

What fans say: "I had to wrap each of my dog's open, wet [food cans] each time in a [Ziploc] bag. Not only did that become messy over time, but I was also not sure how clean that process was. No more. I have these can covers which are handy and most likely healthier to use in the long run. I agree with other previous reviewers that the rim providing different can size choices is a great feature."

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