The 4 Best Dog GPS Trackers
by Tiana Crump
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Whether you're looking for a way to keep tabs on your pup or have a safety net should they ever run off, you'll want to be sure that you're investing in one of the best dog GPS trackers. After all, a pet can feel like a part of your family, and you don't want a tracker to fail in a moment of need. Similar to a navigational GPS, a dog GPS tracker can accurately pinpoint your pet, and sync with an app on your phone so you can check their location in real-time.

When you're choosing a tracker, there a few things you should look for, namely accurate tracking, a secure fit, range, and battery life. The most accurate trackers tend to be the ones with a better cellular connection and that refresh often. Most models are worn as part of the collar and feature a built-in chip that relies on cell towers (and a subscription) to effectively work, other models can be used off the grid and without a subscription, though they don't offer the same range.

In order to find a collar-style tracker that will be secure on your pet, look for adjustable bands and make sure to check the collar size before purchasing. For attachable varieties, check that it will fit your current collar and have a tight, reliable hold when secured on. And since nobody wants to be recharging a tracker all the time, look for models with a battery that can last at least a couple days or longer between charges depending on your needs.

Beyond being able to see where your dog is, many have features like alerts whenever your dog steps past a specific area and activity monitoring. Some even provide help when it comes to training.

To make choosing your furry pal's tracker easier, here are my top picks for the best GPS dog trackers on Amazon!


The Overall Best GPS Dog Tracker

The Whistle 3 is a water-resistant tracker with a long battery life and reliability which makes it the best choice for most people. The unit attaches to collars up to 1-inch wide and delivers alerts when your dog wanders out of your designated zone to help you keep him or her from getting lost.

It also monitors your pet's activity level throughout the day and even their sleep patterns, with comparison stats available for your dog's age, weight, and breed. Plus, this tracker's battery lasts up to seven days between charges.

The Whistle uses AT&T's cellular network to determine your pet's location accurately, so if AT&T coverage in your area is spotty — or if your pet will be going off the grid — this might not be the best choice. It's also best used with a smartphone, the app is compatible with Apple iOS 10.0 or above and Android 5.0 and up, and requires an on-going subscription of up to $10 a month.


The Best Choice For New Pet Owners — It Helps Train

If you need help in the training department, consider the Link AKC Smart Dog Collar GPS Tracker. This GPS tracker and activity monitor has tons of extras to get your furry friend under control and in shape making it ideal for new pet owners that want assistance in protecting and caring for their dog.

Along with live tracking, it is has sound training features you can use to signal to your dog appropriate behavior. Information is accessible via the app including data on your dog's breed from the American Kennel Club. You can also monitor your pet's activity, store veterinary records, log walks, and even receive alerts when your pet is in an environment that's too hot or cold. Additional features include an LED light for visibility during evening walks.

The Link AKC requires a subscription to work so it's not the best choice for those who don't want to continue paying for the unit. Many reviewers preferred the real-time GPS tracking of the Link AKC to the slight delay with Whistle. However, the battery life is shorter, only up to three days versus Whistle's seven, and it's a slightly pricier unit.


The Most Affordable GPS Dog Tracker

The Tractive 3G Dog GPS Tracker is an affordable option that’s not only budget-friendly but also effective at keeping tabs on your pooch. This lightweight GPS tracker attaches to your dog's collar or harness to provide tracking and notifications. Like the other trackers in this roundup, it allows you to define a safe zone and be alerted when your dog leaves the area. There’s also a rechargeable battery that lasts up to five days between charges.

This tracker requires an active subscription and communication with cell-phone towers to work, so if you're planning on going off the grid with your animal, this tracker may not be a good fit. This doesn't have activity monitoring or the Link AKC training features and many Amazon reviewers preferred Whistle's app to Tractive's, but it's also the most affordable tracker of the bunch for the unit, and monthly subscriptions are as low as $5 so it's a great choice for those who expect to need fewer bells and whistles.


The Best Dog GPS Without A Monthly Subscription

If you don’t like the idea of paying a monthly subscription fee, then the Findster Duo+ Pet Tracker might be for you. It works on radio frequency technology rather than relying on cell towers, so it's also great for users who plan on venturing outside cellular range with their pup.

The sturdy design is both water- and shock-resistant, with a battery lasts 12 hours between charges with a full day of tracking or up to seven days if you're only using the activity monitor without live tracking. You can also keep tabs on up to three pets at once, making it a good option for owners of multiple animals. However, this dog tracker is only effective within a radius of about 3 miles in open fields and 0.5 miles in dense urban areas.

The short battery life when using live tracking and its limited range made it not the ideal choice for some Amazon reviewers, especially owners of pets who like to wander off. But for those without those worries and who hate subscriptions, this is one to consider.

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