The 4 Best Dog Shampoos / Shutterstock

To keep your pet’s skin and coat healthy and clean, using one of the best dog shampoos is a must. These quality formulas can help free your dog’s fur from dirt and more while adding luster and softness with botanicals and vitamins. Some are even specially formulated to tackle things like tough odors, sensitive skin, or shedding.

There are many different types of dog shampoos available. So, when you’re trying to choose the best option, it’s important that you consider the ingredients as well as your dog’s unique needs. If your dog had dry or itchy and irritated skin, a shampoo with soothing oatmeal can help soothe and alleviate itchiness. For tangles and frizz, look for options with natural moisturizers like glycerin, aloe vera, and almond oil to help with detangling. And for dogs with sensitive skin, you might want to avoid certain chemicals including artificial fragrance.

According to VetBabble, if you choose a quality gentle shampoo, following up with a dog conditioner isn’t usually necessary. However, using a separate deep conditioner or leave-in treatment may help if your dog suffers from an extremely dry coat.

For more suggestions on which shampoo to use, here’s my roundup of the best dog shampoos for a wide variety of skin and hair types. All of these top-rated picks will have your pooch’s fur smelling and looking great in no time!