You Should Always Keep One Of These Kits In Your Car In Case Of An Emergency

Whether you have a sudden flat tire, an accident, or a dead battery, the best emergency car kits can help you be better prepared so you'll have the essentials while you’re waiting for roadside assistance. It's impossible to know what kinds of problems you might encounter on the road, so it's a good idea to have a comprehensive kit full of basics for car repair and first aid. That said, those who live in colder climates may benefit from a specialized winter kit, and anyone who doesn't need or have the space for a full kit might prefer a basic roadside visibility kit. Before you buy, think about your specific needs and take it from there.

Most basic emergency car kits include items to fix common roadside problems such as a flat tire or breakdown with tire repair kits and spare jumper cables. But some kits contain survival items such as multitools, lights, and reflective gear for visibility aid in accident situations. Specialized winter emergency car kits come with portable shovels for digging snow out from around your tires, ice scrapers, and supplies like blankets, hand warmer packets, and fire starter kits to help you stay warm while you wait for assistance.

To make narrowing down your options much easier, here’s my roundup of the best emergency car kits for common roadside problems in all types of weather and conditions.

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The Best All-Around Car Kit

The First Secure roadside emergency kit is a 90-item set packed with survival tools to help during a breakdown or accident. This set features a seven-piece tire repair kit complete with an air compressor and tire pressure gauge. There’s also a 10-foot jumper cable and 11.8-foot long tow rope capable of pulling up to 10,000 pounds. For accident preparedness, this kit has a window breaker, multitool, and reflective warning triangle to warn other drivers.

It also has a 48-piece first aid kit to tend to minor injuries. Plus, there's a headlamp with an LED bulb to see at night, electrical tape for repairs, and more. The kit comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee; you can return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

According to a fan: “Great kit! I just started a new job with a considerable commute. I wanted to have this kit in my trunk for peace of mind. I do hope that I never have to use it, but if something comes up, I feel confident I have the tools to get through a situation. Or, if I see someone else in trouble, I can stop and help them. Worth every penny!”


A Basic Car Safety Kit That’s Budget-Friendly

For just over $30, there’s the STDY car roadside emergency kit, ideal for anyone on a budget. This 57-piece kit features all the essential roadside emergency items such as jumper cables, a tow rope, safety hammer, tire pressure gauge, reflective warning triangle, and a flashlight. There’s also a tubeless tire repair kit included along with safety gloves. Plus, for wet conditions, it has a disposable raincoat. This budget-friendly kit comes with a first aid kit and PVC tape, too. It all fits into the included bag, which is just 12.5 inches long, 7.5 inches high, and 4.5 inches in width, making it easy to stash in the trunk or back seat until you need it.

According to a fan: “I will say I was pretty hesitant when buying a roadside assistance kit for under $40 not expecting much. When it arrived, I started looking through it and was shocked by how much stuff came with it. It even included stuff for if you become stranded for a couple of days.”


The Best Winter Car Kit

The Lifeline AAA severe weather road safety kit is ideal for those who deal with harsh winters. This kit includes a multipurpose folding shovel that can be used to dig out of snow and break ice, as well as an ice scraper. There are also a variety of car survival accessories to help you stay warm in low temperatures such as hand warmer packets, an emergency blanket, a fleece hat, scarf, and gloves, and even a fire starter. Along with an LED aluminum flashlight with batteries included, you get an emergency whistle, plus a 45-piece first aid kit to tend to minor injuries.

According to a fan: “I have a regular roadside assistance kit in my car, but I live in New England, and we get snow - sometimes a lot of it. There is always a risk of ending up off the road or stranded somewhere, and having a winter emergency kit might allow you to get back on the road - or at least stay alive until you can get some help. I hope I never need it, but I'm glad I have it if I do.”


A Roadside Visibility Kit

The Always Prepared roadside visibility kit is another emergency car kit worth considering. This kit includes a neon visibility vest that fits most sizes, which you can wear while waiting for assistance. It also comes with a dual-color LED lights to inform others on the road where you are, plus a roadside flare for emergencies. The set of two foldable warning triangles in the kit can easily be set up to provide extra visibility as well. The storage bag that it comes in is lightweight and compact, allowing you to not only store it in your trunk, but in the backseat or the spare tire compartment of your car. It's great for anyone who already has a more comprehensive emergency kit or who doesn't want to carry one, but who wants the bare minimum to stay visible should a flat tire or some other car problem arise.

According to a fan: “This kit is a pretty impressive little kit that comes in a nifty case. I purchased this for our vehicle; if we come upon an accident or gosh forbid in an accident, we have these very important items that would be very helpful in an accident. I love the light- It comes with one in the kit, I am going to purchase a few extra for our cars. This is something all drivers should carry in their cars.”