You'll Want To Wear These Simple, Yet Perfect Socks Every Damn Day


If you've finally decided its time to invest in a pair of the best everyday socks, then you know that thin, cheap socks can ruin an otherwise perfect day. But, some socks that seem like they would hold up to regular wear don't. So what do you need in a pair you're going to put on your feet every day?

If you're going to wear a sock frequently, you should look for a few important qualities: cushioning and support, breathability, and high-quality construction. Look for a pair of durable nylon, or everyday cotton socks, which are two materials that hold up to longer wear and provide extra comfort.

And, because everyday socks can come in a variety of styles, from crew socks to no-show socks, it’s important to consider what style fits best with your everyday look. For example, if you live a more active lifestyle, you'll want a pair of moisture-wicking socks with anti-bacterial properties. They'll help keep your feet dry and odor-free during your daily workouts. If you have to be on your feet all day, extra cushioning is a must particularly in the arches and heels of your foot.

No matter how you spend your time, your feet get you from place to place, so make sure to thank them with the best everyday socks that will keep you feeling fresh, comfortable, and supported at all times.


The Overall Best

Thanks to the extra arch support and the blister-resistant heel tab, these everyday socks provide extra cushioning to your feet and ankles for protection that will last all day. The additional striped fabric provides a snug fit, so your socks will stay in place and your shoes will stay secure whether you’re going on a 5-mile run or you just need to spend a long day at the office. This pair of Zeropes socks also comes with built-in heat and moisture control; they’re made up of four different kind of meshes that will provide excellent ventilation and wick away moisture, so your feet will still remain fresh and dry all day long. While these are a little on the pricier side ($15 for a single pair), you'll be glad you invested in this high-quality pair perfect for everyday wear.


A More Affordable Pack Of Six

For the same price as the pair of Zeropes socks above, you can get this set of six Under Armour socks with a moisture-wicking, "ArmourDry" design. They also have odor-blocking properties so that they'll prevent your feet from smelling if you wear them all day. While these have an embedded arch support that reduces foot fatigue, they don't have quite as much padding and support as the overall best buy. But, for a fraction of the price, you'll get a pack of solid socks in a variety of designs and colors — from all black, to assorted mixes of whites and grays, as well as a few multi-color options.


A Durable Pair Of No-Show Socks

Made from a high-quality combed cotton material, these no-show socks give you benefits of wearing a supportive, breathable sock — without looking like you’re wearing any sock at all. If you’re planning on wearing those work flats for long hours, the mesh ventilation construction in these no-show socks creates maximum airflow so your feet stay fresh and cool all throughout your day. And thanks to the silver-based technology built into the socks, they’re able to prevent over 600 different kinds of bacteria from forming, even after multiple wears and dozens of washes. These socks are a great combination of fashion and function, and you can choose between four different color options, including all black, all white, or assorted shades of gray.


A Classic, Lightweight Crew-Cut Sock

These classic crew-cut socks feature a lightweight, yet high-quality design in a pack of six for just $14. Made from an eco-friendly material, they’re ideal for multiple activities in addition to everyday workwear, including running, hiking, and walking, thanks to their breathable design and their ability to absorb sweat and moisture. With a near-perfect rating on Amazon, satisfied users have applauded the socks for staying comfortably in place and never sliding below the ankle, with one fan raving that they were “perfectly made” and another dubbing them “my new favorite socks!”

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