These Moisture-Wicking Socks Will Keep Your Feet Dry AF

by Lisa Fogarty

When you have cold feet, you can just slip on a pair of thick, wool socks and be done with it. But when your feet sweat, many sock fabrics will soak straight through, leaving your toes cold and wet. Luckily, the best moisture-wicking socks can keep your feet dry and warm no matter how much you sweat.

When you're shopping for socks for sweaty feet, the fabric and material is everything. The most common mistake a lot of people make is assuming that cotton socks are king, when cotton actually absorbs sweat and holds onto it, without providing adequate airflow to dry the fabric.

Much better fabric and material alternatives to cotton include Merino wool, which is naturally anti-bacterial, breathable, and warm; polyester that dries quickly and is absorbent; and socks designed with CoolMax and DryMax technology — both of which are often combined with spandex, wool, or cotton for additional moisture-wicking powers.

All of the best moisture-wicking socks on this list were designed with anti-bacterial fabrics that can stand up to sweat. They range from an affordable pack of six everyday socks that blocks odors to ventilated mesh socks you can wear while doing yoga or barre. They'll keep your feet comfortable, dry, and warm.


Best Overall: An Affordable Six-Pack Of Socks You Can Wear Everyday

These moisture-wicking socks check all of the boxes: They're lightweight, comfortable, and affordable. Made from the lightest of moisture-wicking materials (a blend of polyester, spandex, and nylon), they're breathable but not flimsy structure will stay put on your foot no matter your activity. And the name Under Armour carries weight: The brand is known as a leader when it comes to moisture-wicking technology with odor-blocking materials that pull sweat away from you as soon as it’s detected. These socks even have arch support to prevent foot fatigue and flat knit construction to ensure they won’t bunch up as you wear them.

One thing to keep in mind, according to several reviewers: They run a little on the snugger side — these socks will hold tight to your feet, which is one reason they’re very popular. They comes in a number of colors and you get six pairs for the price which is an amazing value.

  • Available Sizes: Shoe Sizes 7-10.5


Best For Working Out: A Pair Of Comfortable Socks That Runners Love

If you're a runner or clock time in cardio classes, these moisture-wicking socks are a fantastic buy that will stay in place during your most intense workout. This pair is often called out as the best sock for runners, and there's good reason why: They have heel tabs that prevent them from slipping, all-over elastane that keeps them better adhered to your feet, and mesh that provides ventilation. The fabrics used in their design are what you’d expect — Drynamix polyester, polyamide nylon, and elastique — all lightweight, moisture-wicking, stretchy, and durable.

Bonus: These feature an extra layer of plush cushioning on the soles to keep your feet comfortable as you do cardio, and seamless hand-linked toe closures to prevent blisters. And one reviewer provides the ultimate endorsement: She ran a marathon while wearing these socks and they didn’t slip once.

  • Available Sizes: Shoe Sizes 6-13.5


Best No-Show Socks: This Six-Pack Of Socks With A Silicone Heel Grip

These moisture-wicking, no-show socks are virtually invisible in any shoe. Made from a blend of cotton, polyester, nylon, and lycra that wicks moisture away, they also feature an elastic band around the edge which holds them in place on your foot. The silicone grip in the heel of the sock adds to their staying power, and will ensure you don't have to pull the socks up in your shoe every 30 minutes. For $19, you'll get six pairs of socks in a range of classic colors. But, if you're looking for a smaller pack, you can also buy these socks in a three-pack, as well. Reviewers are pretty much in agreement: "Wore them all day without slipping off my heel. Feet stayed cool and dry."

  • Available Sizes: One Size (Shoe Size 6-9)


Best Gripped Socks: A Breathable Sock With Mesh Tops That Are Great For Yoga

These non-slip socks have CoolMax moisture-wicking fabric and mesh open panels on the tops of feet to keep your feet cool and dry. As opposed to some grip socks which only have grips on the heels and the toes, these socks have all-over grips on their sole to keep you from slipping on hardwood floors. Their ergonomic fit will stay in place even while you're balancing in a tough yoga pose or stretching your limbs. With a near-perfect five-star rating, these socks are great for all types of exercise activities. "They are perfect for barre class... and would work for yoga and pilates too." The one downside though is you'll have to hand wash these socks to avoid messing with their cute details.

  • Available Sizes: Shoe Sizes 4.5-12.5


Best For Cold Weather: A Pair Of Warm, High Socks With Anti-Odor Properties

These knee-high socks are made from Merino wool (which is naturally moisture wicking), nylon, and lycra spandex, for the warmest overall feel of any sock on this roundup. While these are technically ski socks, they're relatively lightweight and on the thin side, and can be repurposed to wear on cold days, or during other snowy or cold outdoor activities. They also feature anti-odor properties that are designed to keep your socks fresh throughout the day. They have plenty of cushioning in the sole, and reviewers say they keep your feet warm and dry all day long (slopes and skis optional). One fan says, "the design makes you feel like you get the cushioning of a thicker wool sock."

  • Available Sizes: Small – X-Large

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