The 4 Best Flake-Free Mascaras

When it comes to mascara, there's one common complaint that unites most wearers: formulas that flake. To find the best flake-free mascara, you'll want to focus on options that use tubing technology and also consider adding a base coat to your routine.

For flake-free, all-day wear, tubing mascara can be a real game-changer. With this type of mascara, the formula encases each lash by creating little tubes around it. When you're ready for removal, you simply apply warm water and pressure to shed the tubes. You can go about your day without any worry of raccoon eyes, smudges, or flakes. For tubing newbies, the application process may be a little more intensive than you're used to, but it definitely gets easier over time.

For extra protection, it can also help to use a nourishing base coat. You can buy a separate base coat or opt for a double-duty mascara that includes one (I've included options for both below). Basically, the more conditioned your lashes are, the less likely it is that your mascara will flake.

With all of this in mind, I’ve researched products and scoured through Amazon reviews to help you find the best flake-free options. Read on to find the perfect mascara to add to your makeup bag.


The Overall Best

What's great about it: Water-based and designed with tubing technology, this Elizabeth Mott mascara is one of the best options out there. Its formula features super-flexible polymers that give each lash full, 360-degree tubal coverage. While most mascaras contain paraffins, this one uses natural waxes like carnauba and beeswax to help keep your lashes curled, clump-free, and of course, flake-free.

What fans say: "I have been looking for a mascara that doesn't flake off. I am in fitness and need mascara that lasts all day and this one does and looks great."


The Most Budget-Friendly Mascara

What's great about it: Affordable and efficient, this L'Oréal Paris tubing mascara is double-sided, with a base coat on one end and a top coat on the other. The base coat offers moisture and protection using ingredients like d-panthenol and ceramides, while the top coat adds length and definition. Allergy- and ophthalmologist-tested, this mascara can help lashes look up to 80 percent longer, according to the brand.

What fans say: "This is a terrific tubing mascara! The base coat makes it so that it is less likely to clump and it doesn’t flake or smudge. You have to apply the mascara from root to tip with a slight 'wiggle' of the brush as it is tubing. Easy removal with warm water. I’ve swapped out my expensive department store mascara for this."


The Best Mascara For Sensitive Eyes

What's great about it: One of the first brands to actually use tubing technology, Blinc tubing mascara has been recommended by beauty experts and Amazon reviewers alike. Both clinically-tested and nonirritating, it's a great option for those who wear contact lenses or have sensitive eyes. Its formula allows wearers to have smudge- and flake-free lashes all-day long. Not only does this mascara volumize and lengthen, but it also includes lavender oil, which may help promote lash growth over time.

What fans say: "This stuff is amazing for my sensitive eyes. I gave up wearing eye makeup because I wore more on my face than my eyes due to severe irritation and tearing. Mascara was the biggest culprit because of the flaking and crumbling. Even if it was high-end, it would still produce those tiny crumbles that really irritated my eyes. This mascara [doesn't] do that at all. ZERO flaking. Its almost like a flexible gel that [doesn't] budge and [isn't] heavy or clumpy. Easily the best mascara I've ever tried. And removing is a cinch. I finally get to wear mascara again! The quality and staying power makes it worth every penny!"


The Most Volumizing Mascara

What's great about it: While most volumizing mascaras tend to clump and flake, this Kevyn Aucoin mascara is an impressive exception. The tubing technology provides the utmost volume with maximum hold, helping to prevent any flakes or breakage throughout the day. A big highlight with this one is that the formula is infused with jojoba oil for extra shine, moisture, and a thicker appearance. Also, it doesn't contain any parabens, phthalates, or the sulfates SLS and SLES.

What fans say: "No flaking and looks natural. No raccoon eyes. Stays on and looks good all day! My fave."


Also Helpful: This Nourishing Base Coat Primer

What's great about it: For extra assurance, this Jane Iredale PureLash base coat primer works together with mascara to help keep those flakes away. The brand claims that this base coat can make your mascara twice as effective. With a formula that's nourishing and conditioning, it also helps lengthen and strengthen each lash. It even contains algae extract, which offers soothing properties.

What fans say: "I love this product! My mascara goes on so smoothly and does not clump. It also stays on better and doesn’t smudge."

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