Give Your Shower An Instant Upgrade With These Spa-Like Handheld Showerheads


For more control and ease while rinsing off, nothing beats a shower head you can hold in your hand. The best handheld showerhead has customizable settings and an optimum flow rate that ensures comfort. A good showerhead makes the entire experience more luxurious, but the amount you pay for one can be as budget-friendly or splurge-worthy as you want.

First, know that there are several showerhead options to consider. Some handheld showerheads also come with a fixed showerhead, so you have the best of both worlds with this dual shower head. There are also stand-alone handheld showerheads that can be used on or off their holders.

Some high-quality handheld showerheads have customizable features, which may include several spray settings, an extra-long shower hose that is ultra flexible for a smoother experience (though hoses between 60 and 72 inches work well for the average home), a three-way diverter for using both a fixed and handheld showerhead simultaneously, and the option to adjust the showerhead’s height or angle.

Flow rate is a key factor in finding a showerhead you’re happy with, so it’s worth taking a moment to understand what it means. A showerhead’s flow rate indicates how many gallons of water per minute (GPM) are released. A higher number will indicate increased water pressure due to more water flowing, but you may consider a lower GPM in an eco-friendly effort to conserve water and lower your water bill. The maximum showerhead flow rate allowed is 2.5 GPM, according to federal regulations.

By keeping the type of showerhead and its features and flow rate in mind, you'll find the best handheld showerhead for your bathroom. Each of the showerheads listed below is highly rated on Amazon, including my top pick with more than 1,000 reviews.

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The Overall Best Handheld Showerhead

The best handheld showerhead has six spray settings like massage, wide coverage, and rinse; a fingerprint-resistant finish; adjustable height and angles; but your favorite feature may be one you weren't even looking for: a magnetic dock. Instead of fitting the showerhead into a cradle, this pick uses a much more convenient magnetic system for quickly removing and replacing the showerhead. There's no going back once you try it.

The 5.5-inch diameter spray head provides a wide stream of water, and its 2.5 GPM is the most powerful flow rate available on newer showerheads. Reviewers commented they also love the push-button command to change the shower setting versus turning the dial, which is common with other shower heads. Also, the 64-inch hose won't kink during use. Reviewers report installation is easy and takes a few minutes.

This highly rated showerhead is available to purchase bundled with accessories like a remote dock for placing the showerhead in an easier-to-reach spot. Choose from a chrome or brushed finish to match your bathroom.

A helpful review: “This is perfect! I was able to put it together and install it in minutes. The hardest part was removing the plastic wrap ... The pressure is perfect, and all of the settings are just right. I love the magnetic feature. It holds the shower head in place firmly. One thing I've always disliked about handhelds is that the heads always turn sideways when placed in the cradle. Not this one; it points straight ahead. The head is a little big, so it pretty much resembles a rain shower, but there are at least a couple settings that makes the stream more like a standard-sized shower head. I prefer that wide stream. [...]"


The Best Dual Shower Head For A Spa-Like Experience

The best dual showerhead comes with both a fixed rain showerhead and a handheld showerhead for a seriously luxurious shower experience.

Features include a built-in soap dish, five settings (like massage and jet) on the handheld showerhead, and a slide bar for adjusting the showerhead's height. This showerhead system is designed to be installed in a half hour or less with no drilling required. The top rain head measures 8 inches in diameter and it comes with a 59-inch hose.

This showerhead is capable of the maximum 2.5 GPM flow rate, but you can also purchase the 1.8 GPM version.

This spa-like dual showerhead comes in five stylish finishes, including polished chrome, matte black, and brushed gold. You'll also love that the soft tips on the showerhead are designed to easily clean mineral buildup.

A helpful review: “We first saw designs like this in resorts in Hawaii and wanted one at home. Perfect for our remodeled bathroom. We installed large tiles and after the pricey upgrade we didn't want to drill holes into the tile work, this has a simple attachment to the main pipe and a 3M adhesive that is completely drill free. The adjustable height is perfect for the kids bathroom since the kids are different ages and heights this allows them to set it where they like ... We're very happy with [the] purchase, great design and affordable.”


The Best For Scalp Massage

Washing shampoo or conditioner out of your hair goes much more quickly with this handheld wand and rain showerhead that will even give you a scalp massage. As a dual showerhead, it has four settings on its fixed showerhead and three for the wand. The wand is built with “PowerPulse" massage technology and a "PowerComb" stream for up to two times the shower massage force and the ability to get hair really clean by thoroughly rinsing out product. Plus, a three-way diverter lets you choose the shower wand, rain showerhead, or both simultaneously. The showerhead measures 6 inches in diameter.

This 1.8 GPM showerhead's hose is ultra-flexible and 8 feet long, so it's comfortable to use. Its flow isn't as powerful as some others, though it is eco-friendly. The angle and height of the fixed showerhead are adjustable, though reviewers report the range is limited. You can install this showerhead in minutes without calling a plumber.

A helpful review: “This has lots of features. I love the handheld wand, perfect for getting shampoo out of thick hair ... Easy to install and adjust. It is made well and looks nice. first time using a wand style handheld and as someone with really thick curly hair, I really liked the added water pressure, right at the root of my hair. [...]"


The Best On A Budget

Add this handheld shower wand to your existing fixed showerhead or use it on its own for a high-pressure shower experience thanks to the maximum 2.5 GPM flow rate. Its hose can be adjusted from 5 to 6 feet.

An adjustable bracket allows for customizing the angle of the wand, which can be used like a fixed shower head or removed from its dock for showering. The tangle-free hose is comfortable to use, though keep in mind this wand has just one spray setting. Reviewers report it takes just a few minutes to screw this onto an existing showerhead setup, and the nozzles are a cinch to keep clean. This highly rated showerhead with over 700 reviews comes in brushed or polished steel, and it can be installed in minutes.

A helpful review: “Love the sleek design! This was so easy to install a child could do it. I took it out of the packaging and it was so intuitive. I didn't need any instructions. And managed to put this up in probably 3 minutes. The water pressure is very good too. I bought this for my guest bathroom, especially for my 83 year old mom who prefers a handheld shower. The fact that this is simple with just the one setting is what she wanted."