The 8 Best Shower Heads For Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is the absolute worst — especially when you're taking a shower and the stream of water above your head is so weak that it takes 20 minutes to rinse out shampoo and conditioner. The best shower heads for low water pressure include those that boast pressure-increasing massage heads or technology designed to help draw water away from any pipe source (even those with low pressure) to bring them up to speed and standard.

One thing is certain — you do not have to live with a low pressure water system that makes it seem as if water is barely trickling out of your shower head. Often times, a shower head gets clogged with hard water minerals like calcium deposits and isn't able to perform at maximum capacity. A shower filter can keep nasty minerals off of your skin, but it won't address another side effect of a clogged head: a less powerful water flow.

Whether your plumbing is delivering low pressure or you suspect your current shower head keeps getting clogged, these eight shower heads take care of the problem with self-cleaning nozzles, innovative technology, and extra bells and whistles like a variety of spray settings. The cherry on top: You won't find a single one here that costs more than $40.

1. A Simple Chrome Shower Head That Delivers A More Powerful Water Spray

This high-pressure shower head features a pressure-increasing massage head and delivers water at a higher velocity to make up for low water pressure situations. It's made from quality chrome and can be adjusted to suit different spray angles. It boasts outstanding Amazon reviews, many of which address how it saved them from the fate of a weak, low-pressure shower: "This shower head has strong water pressure, and soap or conditioner actually washes off like it's supposed to," writes one reviewer.

2. An Affordable Handheld Shower Head That Can Relieve Muscle Aches

If your water pressure is low, you probably can't remember the last time a good hot shower relieved muscle aches and pains. This handheld shower head brings back that sweet feeling of relaxation with upgraded 2XP turbo charging that delivers super strong spray action. It has a multifunction option that allows you to choose between various spray strengths and comes with a luxury hose, bracket, and teflon tape.

3. A Compact Self-Cleaning Shower Head That Doesn't Require Tools To Install

This shower head is compact and provides an excellent, strong spray no matter your water pressure. But it's also great for anyone who doesn't want to spend hours installing it — it connects to a standard shower arm without tools. Its self-cleaning silicone nozzles prevent clogs and hard water buildup and it has a removable water restrictor.

4. A Shower Head That Makes You Feel Like It's Using A Lot More Water

Install this amplifying adjustable shower head in just minutes and begin to experience the intense, relaxing sensations of its H2O kinetic setting. It can actually make you feel like you're showering with more water, but it won't waste any in the process. Choose between a more powerful version of the setting or a gentle one.

5. A High-Pressure Rainfall Shower Head

It's the ultimate shower luxury: a rainfall massage shower head with a stream so wide and powerful that it covers your entire body and makes rinsing your hair a breeze instead of a chore. It boasts 57 jets and is fully adjustable to suit any angle. To avoid hard water buildup, it can be disassembled in a flash for a quick cleaning.

6. A Shower Head That Prevents Hard Water Build Up

Solve both your low pressure and hard water problem with this one twist-on shower head, which features 36 nozzles that blast out water at an impressive force. This one has a removable flow limiter, self-cleaning nozzles to keep hard water and calcium deposits from building up, and it comes with a five-year warranty.

7. The Most Affordable Shower Head That Takes Care Of Low Pressure Problems

It won't be easy to find a shower head this affordable that delivers a nine-jet turbo massage with a consistent flow rate — even if you have low water pressure. This is a self-cleaning shower head that's resistant to corrosion and actually uses up to 75 percent less water. Not only are you saving money on the actual tool, but you might get a nice surprise the next time you open up your water bill, too.

8. An Antimicrobial Shower Head With Six Water Spray Settings

One of the reasons some shower heads fail to deliver a powerful spray is because they can get easily clogged, especially if you have hard water. This antimicrobial version inhibits the growth of mild, mildew, and bacteria and has a flexible rubber design that can be easily cleaned so calcium and mineral deposits don't accumulate. The six-inch face covers a larger area for more effective rinsing and you can choose between six spray settings.

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