The 4 Best Hot Plates


When a stove isn't an option or when you could just use an extra burner or two, using one of the best hot plates can be a convenient alternative. Plus, they're compact, so they’re easy to store away when not in use. When choosing a hot plate, you’ll usually have to decide between one-burner or two-burner models.

However, beyond that, it’s essential to look for options with a wide range of heat settings and safety features. To prevent overheating or accidents while cooking, many hot plates will have an automatic shut-off feature. Another bonus safety option are overheating prevention thermal fuses. Especially if you plan on taking your unit on a boat, RV, or other moving location, you’ll want to look for sturdy, nonslip feet.

The next thing you'll likely have to decide between is induction vs. non-induction. Standard electric plates will work with all cookware, while induction hot plates can only be used with induction-compatible cookware, like most stainless steel or cast iron. Standard electric plates also tend to cost less than induction hot plates. However, since induction cooking uses electromagnetic field technology, it tends to heat faster and with more precision than non-induction plates. The heat goes directly to your cookware through the conduction process, so when you remove the pot, heating stops — a nice safety feature if you turn the burner on without a pan by accident.

To help make picking the perfect hot plate easy, here’s my roundup of the best hot plates on Amazon. All of these appliances are top-rated and feature-rich.


The Best Overall One-Burner Hot Plate

The Cusimax hot plate electric burner is an excellent one-burner option that’s compact, affordable, and ideal for cooking in tight spaces. The heating plate is 7.4-inches, making it compatible with most pots and frying pans up to 7.1-inches wide. It features seven heating settings to cook everything from scrambled eggs to pasta. It also has nonslip feet, an indicator light, an overheat protection thermal fuse, and an automatic shut-off for safety. Plus, this hot plate is safe to use with all types of cookware.

What fans say: “This electric hot plate exceeded my expectations! Great cooktop, It's very sleek-looking, cooks as well as my usual stove. Heat distribution is even and efficient. Heating up very quickly. Very compact design. Highly recommend!”


The Best Overall Two-Burner Hot Plate

For two burners, the SUNAVO electric double burner is a great option with legions of fans on Amazon. This hot plate features one 7.3-inch and one 6.1-inch plate which can be heated simultaneously. It’s safe to use with all types of cookware, and has a light, compact stainless steel body that’s both attractive and easy to clean. There’s also an automatic shut-off feature, overheat protection, and an indicator light for safety. This double burner is also stable with nonslip rubber feet. It has an easy-to-adjust temperature control knob for each burner you can control independently. Plus, it even includes a cleaning rag.

What fans say: “The knob did a good job of regulating cooking temperature. This little burner is lightweight, very portable and easy to use. It heats [up] fast, is light weight and takes up very little room.”


The Best Induction Hot Plate With More Than 4,000 Reviews

The Duxtop 8100MC induction burner is a top pick among Amazon users, with more than 4,000 reviews and a 4-star overall rating. This induction cooktop has a digital control panel and a built-in timer that you can set for up to 170 minutes. With ten different heating settings, you can set it anywhere from 140 degrees to 460 degrees Fahrenheit. However, only cookware with magnetic bottoms made from stainless steel or iron (including cast iron) can be used with this induction hot plate. It can detect the size of your pan and heat accordingly, though, and will shut off automatically after one minute if no cookware is detected — a big safety perk of going with an induction hot plate. Since the top is almost entirely flat, it's also easier to clean than the first two picks.

What fans say: “This thing rocks. It boils water incredibly fast, the temperature control is surprisingly accurate. It's awesome that you can set it to simmering (180 degrees) and set the timer and forget about it till it's done cooking. Doesn't get gross because the surface stays relatively cool.”


The Best Budget Hot Plate

If you’re looking for something more budget-friendly, consider the Elite Cuisine heating plate. This one-burner hot plate is less than $20 but still delivers convenient cooking. It works with all kinds of pans and has four temperature settings. There's a power-on indicator light and nonslip feet for safety but no automatic shut-off.

The manufacturer doesn’t mention overheat protection, either, so it might be best to limit this to small jobs like keeping food warm and melting wax for crafting, and not using it to boil a large pot of water.

What fans say: “I've been using this buffet burner while my kitchen is being remodeled. I've been able to cook burgers, pasta ... almost anything I could cook on my stove. This has been a lifesaver!”

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