You'll Always Be Prepared With These Indoor-Outdoor Thermometers That Display Temps, Forecasts, & More

It's easy to look at your smartphone or local news station to figure out what the temperature is going to be like outside. However, it turns out that having the best indoor-outdoor thermometer is an easier way to find out just how hot or cold it is in your neighborhood — and how that's affecting the temps inside your house. Most indoor-outdoor thermometers offer temperature readings, humidity levels, pressure rates, and even moon phases. Others display the date and time, making them ideal for a desk or tabletop.

No matter which model you choose, most dual thermometers consist of two devices that help gauge the temperature inside and outside. The main console is placed somewhere inside your home while the coordinating — and usually smaller — sensor is placed outside. The indoor device reads both the inside temperature along with the data that's being transmitted from the outdoor sensor.

You should also decide if you're solely looking to purchase a thermometer that only does temperature readings, or if you're interested in something that provides additional information such as humidity, pressure, moon phases, and more. Some are even equipped with alarm clocks to keep you up-to-date with the weather as soon as you wake up.

Now it's time to take a look at some of the best indoor-outdoor thermometers on Amazon. All of these come with digital interfaces that are easy to read and navigate.

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The Overall Best: This Indoor-Outdoor Weather Forecast Station

More than just an indoor-outdoor thermometer, this full weather station offers animated forecasts and monitoring of inside and outside temperatures, barometric pressure, humidity levels, as well as the time and date (and a bonus alarm clock setting). While it does come with its own power adapter, this device offers great maneuverability since it can be used completely wireless with three AA batteries. It allows you to set temperature alerts, and it even includes temperature and humidity trend indicators so you can keep track of the daily highs and lows. The backlit screen is easily adjustable for customized brightness while the colorful digits make for simple and fun viewing.

According to reviewers: "This is the first colorful weather station I've had. It was a breeze to set up — less than five minutes. The information is as easy to see as the moon on a clear night. The colors help bring your eye to the info you want — indoor or outdoor temperature and humidity. I also like the atomic clock that will continue to present accurate time."


A Budget Indoor-Outdoor Thermometer For Less Than $20

Unlike some of the others on this list — which offer more weather information such as forecasts and barometer readings — this indoor-outdoor thermometer solely reads the temperature and humidity inside and outside of your home while also tracking temperature trends. However, for less than $20, it's a quality device at an affordable price point. It comes with an easy-to-read LED screen — and even though it doesn't offer full color, the blue backlight display is actually a convenient touchscreen. It can be placed on a tabletop or mounted to your refrigerator or wall, thanks to the magnetic backing. Powered by two AA batteries, it works without the interference of wires and therefore can't be plugged in. The remote sensor takes two AA batteries to operate, as well.

According to reviewers: "I like this one because it shows humidity. Good deal for the price."


This Pretty Forecast Station With A Wood-Grain Look

If you're looking for something more decorative than the others, this forecast station is a good choice. It boasts a gorgeous wood-grain border along with a ton of useful features that read temperature, humidity, pressure, and weather forecasts. This thermometer features a bright backlight that can be turned on or off, along with black forecast icons and digits that are easy to read. It can be set to alert you when it reaches preset temperatures, and it records highs and lows for future reference. Since it's equipped with the date and time, you can use it as a bedside clock (there's no mention of an alarm, though). Both the sensor and the main unit — which can be used mounted on a tabletop — can run on five AA batteries (three for the display and two for the sensor). However, the display can also be powered by plugging it in with the included AC adapter.

According to reviewers: "I like the size and look of this station. The screen is easy to read even from a long distance."


A Weather Station That Also Shows The Moon Phases

You'll know exactly what the day is going to be like weather-wise right when you wake up with this indoor-outdoor weather station. Like the first La Crosse selection, it features a built-in alarm clock. It's also equipped with a snooze option if you need a few more minutes in the morning, while the colorful icons are easy to read.

This device also offers digital weather and humidity forecasts, temperature alerts, pressure levels, and trends. But what sets this one apart is that it also displays the current moon phases. It can be placed on a nightstand, tabletop, or wherever you'd like — and it's also designed to be wall-mounted if desired. The main weather station works via two AA batteries, but it can also be plugged in with the included adapter.

According to reviewers: "Everything works perfectly. It has a colorful LCD display with chock full of information on temperature, humidity and pressure (inside and out) as well as a pretty moon phase."