These Sturdy Ironing Boards Make Life So Much Easier, According To Reviewers

Whether you’re removing wrinkles from clothes, sheets, or even curtains, the task is much easier when you have one of the best ironing boards. The right one for your home will depend on both the items you need to iron and the amount of space you have to store it. Generally speaking, there are three main types of ironing boards to choose from:

  • Standing board: This is the largest type of ironing board, making it better suited for homes with extra storage space. As its name suggests, a standing board is designed to stand up on your floor and can offer a lot of support and stability. The large surface area makes it great for bigger tasks, like ironing sheets and curtains. While it folds flat for storage, like other types of boards, it tends to be much heavier and takes up more space.
  • Tabletop board: A compact alternative to the traditional standing board, this is perfect for small spaces and small tasks like ironing clothes. You can place this type of board on a table, counter, or other stable surface.
  • Over-the-door board: If you have a suitable door, this can be a great option for small homes, however, you likely won't get the same amount of surface area as you would with a standing board, meaning it might not be a good option for ironing large items like bed sheets.

Beyond the style of board, you also want to consider features like a place to rest your iron on the board, a cord holder, and a foldable clothing rack.

After researching products and scouring through reviews, I've gathered a list below to help guide your ironing board search.


The Overall Best

Dimensions: 48 by 15 by 37 inches

What makes it great: This minky Ergo Plus standing ironing board is a dependable option for a reasonable price. Designed with a cotton cover that's heat-reflective to help cut down on ironing time, this is a great standing option. Its foldable legs are stable and looped for extra support. It also has handy features like a rack for a steam generator, an iron cord adjustor, and a rest to place your iron.

What fans say: "Wow, if someone said an good ironing board would be this good I would not have believed it. My ironing time ( I iron a shirt and pants everyday) has been cut in half and the clothes come out so much better than with a cheap board. I really can not say enough great things about this board. If only everything I bought was this great."


The Best Tabletop Ironing Board

Dimensions: 32 by 12 by 6.1 inches

What makes it great: If you need something more compact, this tabletop ironing board is easy to use and efficient. It even has a metal rest to place your iron on. Designed with a cotton cover and foam underneath, you can count on this ironing board to smooth out your wrinkles. It also folds flat for easy storage.

What fans say: "I have very little room in my weekender cabin and this [one] folds and fits under the sofa when not in use. It’s very sturdy and love that it has a holder for the iron. Would buy again."


The Best Over-The-Door Ironing Board

Dimensions: 42 by 14 inches

What makes it great: This Polder ironing board is a great way to keep you ironing board out of the way but still easy to access. It has built-in hooks to hang it over your door, and the caps on the bottom provide extra stability. The cover is made with 100% cotton and there's a foam pad for easy ironing. Also, the board itself is only a little smaller than the previous standing board, so you'll still be able to get wrinkles out of bigger items.

What fans say: "This fits perfect in the closet, opens and folds easily, and is very sturdy! Saves a lot of space in the house!"


The Best Investment

Dimensions: 62.6 by 19.4 by 37 inches (47.2-by-14.4-inch ironing surface)

What makes it great: If find yourself ironing a lot of items regularly, this Mabel Home extra-wide ironing pro board might be a worthwhile investment to make. With heavy-duty padding, a 100% cotton cover, and even a spare cover included, this ironing board is well-constructed and built to last. Offering plenty of space for ironing, it has wings that retract for when you need to work on sheets. On top of that, it also has a place to rest your iron, a holder for the iron cord, and a rail to hang clothes.

What fans say: "This ironing board replaced a legacy board that has been in the house for over 15 years. [...] I wear dress shirts sized 16 32/33 and I can get the back portion in one go with negligent bit left. The cord keeper helps keep the cable off the board and the ironing rest does its job of holding the iron as long as the iron is upright. The hanger organizer helps organize multiple shirts in one session. The wings also help to get into the sleeves a little bit too. In all, a great purchase and worth the investment in time-savings."

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