The E-Reader With A 2-Month Battery Life & More Of The Best Kindle Alternatives


There are lots of reasons why someone might be searching for the best Kindle alternatives, and what extras you're looking for — an e-reader that lets you check email or one with longer battery life, for example — will likely guide you to your best pick. That said, since Amazon-created devices dominate the market, good options are few and far between. In order to find a well-rounded e-reader, you'll want to consider the following factors:

  • Format compatibility: In addition to standard e-book formats, most quality e-readers also support additional file formats like PDF, DOC, and HTML. This allows you to read and interact with computer-created documents and files on your e-reader.
  • Size: E-reader screens usually fall somewhere between 5 and 10 inches diagonally. (A larger e-reader is easier to see, but it's most likely also heavier and larger, and therefore not as portable.)
  • Connectivity: You'll need to transfer books or files to your device before you can start reading, and there are multiple ways of going about this. Most e-readers support wireless transfer via Wi-Fi, but some also boast Bluetooth.
  • Memory: Memory is measured in gigabytes (or GB). The larger the number, the more data your e-reader can store; for reference, 4 GB can store roughly 3,000 books but that number will be much lower if you're storing a lot of large files like textbooks. Some e-readers also allow you to add additional storage via memory extensions.
  • Battery life: The battery life indicates how many hours an e-reader will last before it requires recharging though this will be impacted by how actively you use it.
  • Extra features: Backlights, touch screens, color modes, anti-glare technology, and extra buttons make your life easier — or not, depending on your preferences. Consider whether these extra features are worth the price and the more challenging learning curve.

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The Overall Best Kindle Alternative

The Likebook Mars is the best overall pick because it allows you to do so much more than your standard e-reader. In addition to an extensive range of formats (like PDFs, DOC, and HTML), the Android-powered system also supports the Google Play store; as a result, you can do tablet-related activities like browsing the web or checking your email.

This touch screen e-reader has 16 GB of storage with an option for up to 128 GB of extended memory, so it's great if you'd also like to store music and pictures. Transfer your data via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and comfortably read both day and night with the brightness slider, long-lasting battery life, anti-glare screen, and cool/warm color options. For under $250, you'll be hard-pressed to find this much value, storage, and versatility anywhere else.

  • Screen size: 7.8 inches
  • Storage: 16 GB

One reviewer wrote: "Superb android e-book reader [...] Needed an e-book reader that can access apps from Google store like pdf reader apps and one that can easily run kindle but has SD card for expanded library. This e book reader has it all. Its like using an unlocked android phone as opposed to a locked to a system iphone."

The Best Cheap E-Reader — & The Easiest To Use

From Barnes & Noble comes Nook — an e-reader that skips some of the frills, but is affordable and easy to use because of it. While it isn't compatible with audiobooks, the Nook GlowLight 3 is the best option for someone who's looking for a deal and supports formats including ePub and PDF.

It offers 8 GB of memory and has a day-to-night backlight, page-turning buttons, and a non-scratch, glare-resistant screen. Access millions of Nook books via the built-in Wi-Fi and start reading in minutes. Finally, the battery life lasts up to 50 days on a single charge.

  • Screen size: 6 inches
  • Storage: 8 GB

One reviewer wrote: "An affordable E-reader with comfort lighting [...] I had tried the Kindle Voyage previously but it just did not live up to my standards. The Nook is so much more comfortable to hold in my opinion."

The Best E-Book Reader For Travel

Many people consider Kobo to be one of Kindle's most worthy competitors, and when it comes to a travel-friendly unit, the Kobo Aura is a great choice. This e-reader is extremely thin, compact, and lightweight (it weights just 6.4 ounces), so it takes up minimal room in your bag and fits comfortably in one hand.

The 6-inch screen has a paper-like appearance, but also offers a built-in adjustable ComfortLight. The battery life lasts for up to two months, and you can personalize the fonts, sizes, and margins — not to mention write notes, define words, and highlight passages, all with a few taps of your fingertip. Last but not least, reviewers report that it supports most popular formats, and it's easy to transfer files from various devices.

  • Screen size: 6 inches
  • Storage: 4 GB

One reviewer wrote: "The perfect travel companion! This e-reader is in my opinion the best on the market. The size is perfect, screen amazing and battery life is awesome. The backlight on this does not cause any eye-strain and is so easy to adjust. There is no glare (like on a tablet or phone) so reading in the daytime outside is not an issue."

The Most Versatile E-Reader For Work & Play

If you need an e-reader for both work and play, the BOOX Nova2 is the most versatile option. Yes, you can easily read books and a wide selection of file formats on the 7.8-inch screen, but its powerful Octa-core processor and e-ink design also allow you to sketch and take notes, too. The 32 GB memory is larger than most to accommodate all of your projects (and you can connect to flash drives up to 512 GB), and the battery life lasts about four days. There's also both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for easy transferring of content.

  • Screen size: 7.8 inches
  • Storage: 32 GB

One reviewer wrote: "I have been using my Kindle Paperwhite for 2 years now, I use it for all my college textbooks and pdfs along with some personal reading books. [...] On this Nova 2, you have tabs of books like a browser, and can quickly switch between two books or PDFs. Maybe this is unique to me but reading a textbook and then switching to a PDF of solutions or notes or a schematic for a circuit is [a] nice feature. And when reading a book for document if you don't want to write on the page, you can split the screen and take notes on the side without having to close the book and open the note app."