These Large Reusable Straws Are Actually Big Enough To Slurp Thick Smoothies

An eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws, the best large reusable straws for smoothies and shakes will make a great addition to any lifestyle. And since many companies and cities across the United States are already taking steps to ban single-use plastic straws, you'll be thankful to have your own reusable option on hand.

Large reusable straws feature extra-wide openings that allow you to sip thicker drinks — think smoothies or milkshakes — without worrying about the contents getting stuck. Along with straw openings that are typically at least a 1/2 inch wide, many of these straws are also very long so they'll have no problem reaching the bottom of an extra-large cup. They also come in different materials including silicone, stainless steel, glass, and even bamboo.

To help you find the best reusable straws that are big enough for even the thickest liquids, I’ve compiled a list of the best large reusable straws for smoothies and shakes. Here, I’ve included four options made from a variety of materials, and they're all dishwasher safe, easy to clean, and relatively affordable. Most of them even come with a handy cleaning brush that reaches inside the straws, so you can make sure they're completely clean. What's more, all these straws are highly recommended by Amazon reviewers, meaning you can trust that they’ll work.


The Best Value Pack of Large Silicone Reusable Straws

This budget-friendly value pack of large multi-colored straws by Grid Gear is the best option if you prefer the pliable texture of silicone material. Using BPA-free, food-grade silicone that's really durable, these straws are more than 10 inches long, making them the longest option here.

While you may prefer silicone straws specifically because of their flexibility, keep in mind that these straws are made with a very sturdy material that doesn’t bend like other silicone options do. Even though they don’t bend, they'll still feel soft compared to straws made with more solid materials, like glass or stainless steel. This pack includes three straws in bold neon colors.

What fans say: 'These are so great. You are able to get your smoothies more swiftly. They are just the right roundness and are attractive to look at, and they are made of sturdy plastic."


The Best Reusable Wide Glass Straws

If you're interested in a heavier material, go with these glass smoothie straws by ALINK. Made of Pyrex glass, the straw opening is roughly 1/2-inch wide, and each straw is 9 inches long. Ideal for both hot and cold drinks, the Pyrex material means that they're temperature-resistant and won't take on the temperature of whatever you're drinking. While glass material is more fragile than other options, reviewers note that the material is actually quite sturdy and doesn't seem to break easily. Here, you'll get two clear glass straws and a cleaning brush.

What fans say: "I never bought glass straws before so I wasn't sure what to expect, but I am absolutely delighted with these glass straws. They feel perfect to drink through, smooth and heavy enough where I don't fear they might break in my mouth. The little brush they give you is really well made too!"


The Best Stainless Steel Option

The best choice if you want metal straws, these extra-wide stainless steel straws by CoCo are the sturdiest option. These straws have a 1/2-inch wide opening and are roughly 9.5 inches long. They're made with food-grade stainless steel that's really durable, and the metal material means the straws are nearly impossible to bend or break. Here, you'll get four straws and a cleaning brush — and since these straws aren't see-through like some other options, the included cleaning brush is the best way to ensure they're fully clean on the inside. It's important to note that metal materials are not temperature-resistant, so they may take on the temperature of what you're drinking.

What fans say: "These are the perfect size for smoothies and shakes. My family loves using them. They are easy to clean and they get cold when you're drinking a cold treat. I highly recommend!"


A Bamboo Option That's A Bit Thinner (But Still Wide Enough For Smoothies)

The most eco-friendly option, these bamboo straws by Zone 365 are made with natural bamboo materials that are completely biodegradable and will last for years. While not quite as large as other options, the openings on these straws are still wide enough for thinner smoothies, and they're long enough to reach the bottom of larger cups. Usable in drinks of any temperature, this is also the most affordable option — you'll get 10 bamboo straws and a cleaning brush for under $10.

What fans say: "I bought these straws mainly for smoothies. If your smoothie is more liquid and doesn't keep any form when you scoop it with a spoon, this would work for you."

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