The 4 Best Lightweight Down Comforters


Getting cozy in bed usually involves snuggling under a comforter — even if you live in a hot climate or naturally sweat a lot when you sleep. Luckily, in those moments, you can reach for one of the best lightweight down comforters that are breathable, hypoallergenic, and super soft.

Choosing a down comforter you love can be a little tricky. There are a slew of different types of down comforter fill, but the most popular ones are goose, duck, and down alternative fill. While goose and duck down comforters are both fluffy and soft, goose down comforters tend to be fluffier and more expensive.

In contrast, a down alternative fill is a significantly cheaper option that is a perfect comforter for allergy-prone people. Its fill is made from synthetic or natural materials, and these are the easiest to maintain, as most are machine washable unlike goose and duck down comforters.

When making your decision, keep in mind that the fill power, or the amount of volume that one ounce of down takes up, will dictate how heavy the comforter is. Comforters with fill power lower than 650 or 600 are considered extremely lightweight and perfect for the warmer seasons. If you're after an all-season comforter, you should opt for a slightly higher fill power for a warmer year-round option.

To make your search a little easier, here are four of the best lightweight comforters to keep you cozy no matter what the temperature.

1. The Lightest Overall Comforter: A Duck Down Comforter That's Fluffy Yet Affordable

Whether you're on a budget, can't fathom spending more than $100 on a comforter, or simply don't have a strong opinion when it comes to the goose versus duck down debate, this down comforter is a fantastic option that won't break the bank. With just 550 fill, it has the lightest fill power of all of the comforters on this list, so expect it to keep you ultra-cool at night. It also has corner duvet loops, a 100-percent cotton cover with tabs, and box-stitching, meaning there's no need to worry about the down shifting around or bunching up in one corner. It comes in three sizes: twin, queen, and king.

2. The Lightest Goose Down Comforter: A Comfy Bedspread That'll Keep You Cool All Summer

This goose down comforter has 600 fill power, making it a fantastically lightweight option for warmer climates and nights. It has many of the features you would expect to see in a quality down comforter: a 100-percent cotton shell, a boxed stitch design to keep the down evenly distributed, and four corner loops attach to your duvet to keep the comforter from bunching up during the night. But, again, the benefits with goose down come in the overall feel: you'll find them fluffier than the duck or down alternative options on this list. And it's available in three sizes that should suit most mattresses: twin, full/queen, and king/California king. This comforter is made up of 75-percent white goose down and 25-percent white goose feather, to give it that classic "crinkly" sound when you fluff it.

3. The Best Year-Round Buy: A Slightly Heavier Goose Down Comforter Perfect For All Seasons

This comforter is a genuine, 100-percent goose down option (not a goose feather to be found) with a slightly higher fill count — 750. That makes this the perfect all-season, year-round option that will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the wintertime. The best part? The cover is made with 100-percent Egyptian cotton and a 1200 thread count, which makes it smoother and softer than most. Available in twin, queen, king, and California king sizes, this is a comfy addition to any bedroom. And with hundreds of five-star reviews, this comforter is tried and tested, with all of the bells and whistles you'd expect from high-end goose down: baffle box design to keep insulation even, loops that attach to a duvet, and double-needle stitching.

4. The Most Affordable: A Down Alternative Comforter With Over 1,000 Five-Star Reviews

A down alternative comforter may not have the same lavish appeal as goose or duck, but it saves you a ton of money and you still get the experience of sleeping under a soft, breathable, and lightweight comforter. Its also 100-percent hypoallergenic making it the best bet if you suffer from allergies. But here's the real draw when it comes to down alternative: cleaning this comforter couldn't be more simple. While you're better off dry cleaning goose and duck down comforters, reviewers rave about how this comforter holds up in the washing machine many times over and retains its shape and fluffiness. This is a great affordable alternative for anyone who loves the feel of down, but is looking for the most practical comforter.

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