These Extra Supportive Mats Are Just What Your Pilates Practice Needs

Finding a reliable mat to cushion your body during a workout is easy enough, but the best mats for Pilates require specific specs that are a bit harder to come by. Support and comfort should be your top priorities, but they're not your only priorities — which is exactly why so many designs fall short.

First thing's first: A Pilates mat versus a yoga mat. What's the difference, and can they be used interchangeably? While the best yoga mats are marketed for use during Pilates, too, there's one massive benefit to buying a mat specifically for Pilates.

Pilates focuses on controlled movement throughout a series of poses — not unlike yoga — but the movements are often faster and more repetitive. As a result, your joints are making continuous contact with the floor, so most yoga mats simply don't have the appropriate thickness and cushioning to keep you comfortable and protected.

That being said, the top Pilates mats on the market don't just feel like a cloud underneath your body. They're also durable enough that they won't rip during high-impact exercises, grippy enough that they'll keep you from slipping in certain poses, and made with the right materials so your practice stays safe and sanitary. These five options are some of the best available, and they check all the aforementioned boxes.


The Overall Best Mat For Pilates Considering Function & Price

The BalanceFrom GoFit mat is not your standard yoga design, and that's why it's especially great for Pilates. First of all, it has double-sided, non-slip textures that grip both you and the floor to prevent sliding and potential injuries. Next, the high-density interior foam adds cushioning for your joints and back while allowing for resilience and balance during poses. There's even an elastic fabric piping around the outside that stretches with your body and protects the foam interior against rips and damage. Lastly, it's made with moisture-resistant technology so you can wash the mat with soap and water and ensure it stays sanitary despite sweat and travel. According to reviewers, it's not particularly heavy, but it does stay in place, roll up well, and allow them to "exercise comfortably and safely." It comes with a travel strap and is offered in seven different colors.


Also Great: An Even Cheaper Mat That Has Impressed Amazon Reviewers

AmazonBasics' exercise mat is the top pick for any Pilates aficionado on a budget. The lightweight but durable foam measures in at half an inch thick for comfortable, cushioned support during your practice. It also offers textured surfaces for enhanced traction and even comes with a free carrying strap. Needless to say, fans are impressed. One Amazon reviewer wrote, "Love this mat. I do Pilates three times a week, and this provides the perfect cushion for my back. And since in Pilates half of the class is spent on your back, this extra layer of cushioning is exactly what I need." If you're not into the steel grey, this one's also offered in black, blue, green, pink, purple, and red.


A Memory Foam Mat That's Gentler On The Body

With over 1,500 reviewers, the HemingWeigh high-density exercise mat is easily one of the most popular. It's ideal for Pilates and other toning workouts because its memory foam is half an inch thick and cushions your back and joints from any type of floor. It also has non-skid ridges to keep it in place and moisture-resistant technology so you can wipe it clean. "I have bony hips and it hurts to do exercises on my side during Pilates class," one reviewer shared, citing that this mat "makes it bearable!"


A Thin Pilates Mat For Travel

An extra thick mat is a wonderful feature — until you have to travel with it. The Khataland YoFoMat is only 4 millimeters thick, but it's made with high-density material that reviewers call "quite cushiony" and "comfortable to lay on." The best part? Rather than rolling, it folds up and fits into an ergonomic travel case, so you can pack it in your suitcase, carry it like a briefcase, or throw it in your carry-on. Reviewers love that, after working out on a hotel or studio floor, they can fold the dirty side against the dirty side, keeping the top of the mat sanitary. Plus, once you get home, the whole thing is machine washable. It's also non-toxic, skid-proof, and available in seven colors.

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