4 Comfy Mattresses That Are Perfect For Couples

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to the best mattress for couples. Whether sleeping or cuddling, you want a mattress that supports you, your partner, and your sleeping styles. Beyond plush or firm, certain materials may appeal more if either of you sleeps restlessly or needs extra support.

Here's a mattress materials primer:

  • Innerspring is the most traditional and affordable. Pocketed, or wrapped, coils respond better to movement by providing more support; they're also quieter and longer-lasting. I've left a strictly innerspring off this list since my hybrid pick combines an innerspring's affordability with a memory foam's motion isolation.
  • Memory foam absorbs movement so it's great for restless sleepers. It does absorb heat, so if one of you runs hot, choose gel-infused foam for a cooling effect and increased airflow.
  • Hybrids combine memory foam and innerspring mattresses most commonly. They're often comfortable for couples with varying sleep styles.
  • Latex foam has more buoyancy than plain memory foam. For active, intimate moments, you'll be more comfortable and supported.

Shopping online means trusting reviews, but some mattresses have trial periods for full assurance it's a good fit for you.

Read on for the best mattresses for couples.

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The Best Motion Isolation Mattress For Couples Who Toss And Turn

If you or your partner shifts sleeping positions throughout the night, go for this 12-inch hybrid mattress, and the restless sleeper will no longer disturb the other. Memory foam absorbs motion with a gel foam layer for pressure relief and support for those who toss and turn. The medium firmness also resists sagging or the feeling of rolling off the edge.

The mattress's innerspring layer has 775 pocketed coils, which last longer and aren't noisy like traditional coils. The coils are divided into three zones for even weight distribution. Just note, while this highly-rated mattress has more than 400 reviews it has no trial period.

What fans love: “This hybrid mattress with springs and foam is a match made in sleep heaven. It's not too firm or too soft and it hasn't lost its shape at all. It’s perfect for my husband who wanted a firm mattress and it is perfect for me wanting one that wasn’t all that firm for more comfort. No tossing and turning. We wake up feeling refreshed with absolutely no back pain. We were convinced we’d made the right decision. It is an excellent value and you really can't go wrong.”


The Best Supportive Mattress For Active Couples

This latex foam mattress has the bounce couples need for more comfortable sex in bed; the sinking feeling of a memory foam-only bed won't do. This pick's open-cell technology won't allow lingering body impressions in the mattress, and the quilted top layer's cover is made from a breathable TENCEL blend.

While the firmness of this 16-inch-thick mattress is considered plush, it still provides great support with four layers of foam on a high-density base with a 10-inch support layer. This mattress is backed by Amazon’s 30-day return policy.

What fans love: “This feels very soft when you lay on it, yet is supportive. It opened all the way after 48 hours, and the smell diminished quickly enough we were able to sleep on it the first night. Also, for those of you wondering how well it works for more intimate moments, it is great!”


The Best Adjustable Mattress For Different Sleep Styles

An adjustable mattress allows you to change the angle of your mattress (at both the head and foot of the bed), which is great for reading in bed, pressure relief, or breathing more easily to reduce snoring. You can easily control the angle via wireless remote or smartphone app. For ultimate customization, choose the king size of this adjustable memory foam mattress with split sides (though it's also available as a queen-size mattress), which allow each of you to adjust the angle that works for you (the queen only allows you to adjust the whole bed's angle).

The mattress has medium firmness and is infused with pearl and cool gel for extra comfort; its patented wedge support provides the right level of support, without being too firm or too plush, and can relieve unnecessary pressure. You'll use the convenient USB charging ports on each side of the bed every day. This mattress is an investment, but it comes with a generous 120-day trial period.

What fans love: “I've honestly never slept better. When I woke up the next morning after the first night of sleeping in it, I honestly felt about 10lbs lighter! I was smiling and ready to GO - early! And I am NOT usually a morning person!! Its crazy to say, but this bed has changed my life in many ways.. I'm happier, I feel RESTED - my body doesn't ache as much if at ALL like it used to!!”


The Best Pillow-Top Mattress For Spooning And Staying Cool

While many of my picks have gel, this manufacturer specifically describes the engineering that went into this gel to improve temperature regulation and release trapped heat, which is why I've chosen it as my best pick to keep you cool; because, let's be honest, spooning and cuddling is so much easier year round when your bed doesn't overheat. Plus, the pillow top is specially knitted to be breathable so you're doubly sure to stay cool and comfortable while snuggling.

The 12-inch-thick memory foam mattress also has pocket coils for medium support, but the manufacturer makes sure to note that this mattress's firmness level balances between firm and soft. It's highly rated with a 4.5-star rating after more than 250 reviews, and this mattress comes with a 30-day trial period.

What fans love: “Wow, my wife and I are blown away with this mattress. It's not just good value for the money, it's maybe the single best mattress we laid on during our multiple store shopping where we laid on everything from $500 to $5000 dollar mattresses. This doesnt feel like a compromise at all, it feels like we got away with theft, stop looking around and buy this thing!”


A Cheaper Alternative: This Latex Topper That Makes Your Current Mattress More Comfy

A latex mattress topper is a great solution for couples who need to improve their current mattress, particularly if you're more active in bed, but this mattress topper has other benefits too; it will add firmness to your mattress if you're a back sleeper, more support during bedroom activities, and better weight distribution for both of you. The manufacturer even says this mattress is a great compromise for couples with different sleep styles.

With its natural bounce and support, this highly-rated latex topper naturally stays cool while remaining comfortable and breathable. The 2-inch thickness is the most popular height for more restful sleep, but you can also choose a 1-inch option for a subtle change or a 3-inch option to truly transform the feel of your mattress.

Bonus: this product has a gold certification from Greenguard, which guarantees this product's materials have low chemical emissions as well as a Class 1 ethical certification from Oeko-Tex, which ensures that the product's materials are safe even for use around toddlers and infants.

What fans love: "This is a very high quality latex topper which adds nice supportive comfort to most beds. I ordered both the 2" medium-firm and 3" firm queen toppers and they perform well, giving you that signature "bounce" and springy latex feel while lying on them. They are very durable and should last for many years."

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