4 Great Menstrual Cups That Can Actually Handle A Heavy Flow

For a very long time, people with periods were expected to pay a generous amount of money for a product that might or might not have suited their bodies. Now, manufacturers of these products are finally realizing that one size does not fit all when it comes to keeping us comfortable and feeling fresh. Take, for example, the best menstrual cups for a heavy flow — because those two words tacked onto the end can make all the difference when it comes to your first impressions.

Thanks to the many benefits of wearing a menstrual cup, they're currently skyrocketing in popularity. But even though it's a near-miracle product for tons of people, different bodies require different things. When finding the right menstrual cup for you, there are several factors to take into consideration. Among other small but important details, there's the width of your vaginal canal, height of your cervix, and intensity of your flow.

If you have a particularly heavy period, the average menstrual cup simply isn't going to cut it. For those of you who have already gone down that path, you likely ended up needing to empty your cup every hour, or — worse — scrubbing stains out of your underwear. You probably feel deceived by the one product that other people couldn't stop raving about, but I beg of you: Please don't give up until you've tried these menstrual cups made specifically for those with heavy flows.


This Cup That Holds Almost 42 Millimeters, Which Is Nearly Double The Standard Amount

When first choosing a menstrual cup, most people default to the most popular brand. That being said, the leading cups on Amazon hold around 20 milliliters of liquid, which spells disaster for someone with a heavy flow. The Super Jennie large menstrual cup holds nearly double that with its 41.61 milliliter capacity. Its medical-grade silicone is softer than other brands, so despite its size, it easily conforms to your body, but still stays in place during rigorous activity. That's why it's also a favorite among those with particularly active lifestyles. "I have a super heavy flow the first two days," one reviewer says, "but the Super Jennie handles it like a champ.... I won't live life without this thing now." You can even get it in your choice of four colors.


One Of The Only Cups Available In An Extra Large Size — And It’s Easy To Remove

This Pixie Cup is revolutionary for a multitude of reasons. For one, it's the only cup I've come across that's available in an extra large size for extremely heavy flows. For another, it has a rounded, reinforced stem that makes it easier to position, grab, and remove your cup. (This is a big one, since a major complaint that reviewers have against other large cups is how easily the stem breaks off.) Finally, this medical-grade silicone cup comes in at only $16, making it one of the best budget-friendly options available. Reviewers say that they can sleep all night, sneeze and cough without accidents, and no longer have to use backup pads in case of leaks. It even comes with menstrual cup wipes to keep things sanitary on the go.


For Those With A Heavy Flow And A Low Cervix, This Bulb-Shaped Cup Is A Great Option

Most heavy flow cups have a larger capacity because they extend further into the vaginal canal. For someone with a low cervix and a heavy flow, one of those cups simply won't fit comfortably. The FemmyCycle menstrual cup is unique because it's bulb-shaped, meaning that it extends horizontally instead of vertically. It's made from medical-grade silicone, but unlike others, it has a foldable rim and ring-shaped stem for leak-prevention and easier removal. This set comes with two different cups, and even though they both hold roughly 30 milliliters, one is more rounded and the other is flattened for a low cervix — because the positioning of your cervix can and often does change depending on where you are in your cycle.


This One Prevents Leaks Thanks To Its Curved Design And Uniquely-Angled Suction Holes

If leaks are your biggest concern, the SckoonCup is a solid choice. It has several thoughtful features to ensure comfort and hassle-free use throughout your period, the least of which is the adorable free cotton pouch it comes with. First of all, it's one of the only cups that utilizes angled suction holes so it can fill to maximum capacity without leaks. It's also rounded to conform to your body and has no scratchy seams anywhere near the rim. In fact, the only texture is at the bottom, where you'll find purposefully-placed grip rings and a petal design. These serve to keep the cup securely in place during wear. Finally, the stem is flexible and moves with your body, and the large, size 2 cup holds up to 30 milliliters of liquid. One reviewer says their first time wearing it to bed was the "first time [they ever] spent the night without leaking."

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