The 4 Best Mousses For Thick Hair

Gone are the days of there being only one type of mousse to choose from: thick, sticky, and goopy that leaves hair crunchy and hard. Now, there are options for all different hair types — some that actually leave hair feeling softer than before. Even if you have naturally thick hair, you'll be able to find a mousse that works for you — it may just take a little more searching. So I've done the research and outlined four of the best mousses for thick hair, below. They're all strong enough to style and hold coarser-textured strands, but won't weigh them down either.

For maintaining style, you'll want to choose a mousse that has a generally strong hold — but it's also important to look for one that isn't too heavy, as this can weigh down the envious natural volume that often goes hand-in-hand with thick hair. And since thicker, coarser hair tends to trap humidity and get frizzy quicker than most other types, you'll also want to find an option that's smoothing and hydrating.

Having thick hair can often feel like both a blessing and a curse — while you likely enjoy your luscious locks, they can be harder to manage. But with the right products, you'll have no problem maintaining a head of hair you love. Find out the best mousses for thick hair, ahead!