The 5 Best Hair Mousses For Volume

by Deanna McCormack
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Mousse is one of the best products you can buy if you want to give your hair an instant body boost. But, like anything else, some mousses are better than others when it comes to creating the appearance of full, thick hair. In general, the best hair mousse for volume — as opposed to mousses for curl definition, shaping, or creating a wet look — will have a barely-there finish and a strong to medium hold that effortlessly adds lift.

When trying to decide which volume-enhancing mousse might be right for your hair, you'll also want to consider how easy a particular product is to use, how long the extra volume will last, and whether or not you're interested in added benefits, like heat protection or a color-safe formula. Once you've decided on your hair care needs, it's time to pick the one worthy of your money and time.

How to use hair mousse:

But achieving more voluminous-looking hair isn't just about the product you use — your technique matters, too. After washing your hair with one of the best volumizing shampoos, comb a small amount of mousse through your slightly damp hair. (Mousse tends to work best on hair that's been towel-dried.) Be careful not to use too much product, as that can weigh hair down, which is the opposite of what you want. Then, you'll want to proceed by blowing dry your hair, ideally using a (large) round brush. Begin your blow dry with your hair flipped upside down, which will add volume to the roots. Then, dry your hair by gently pulling it upwards, always focusing on the root. You can also try using hot rollers to add volume to your hair, an old-school (but effective) trick. Just make sure the rollers are on the large side, otherwise you won't get those big, bouncy curls.

Below, you’ll find an assortment of the best mousses you can use to achiever fuller, thicker looking hair. From a deliciously-scented formula that might replace your favorite perfume to a firm hold mousse that doubles as a heat protectant, these five awesome products might just become your new hair heroes.


A Budget-Friendly Mousse That Plumps Your Hair With Collagen

Got2b's fat-tastic Instant Collagen Infusion Mousse is an expert-level volume-enhancing mousse that fits into any budget. As you work this product into your hair, the formula thickens and plumps strands with the brand's unique infusion of elasticity-creating collagen. The end result is a frizz-free finish that feels super strong and thick and won't fall flat.

What fans say: "I have long, stick-straight, super fine hair and this product really helps it to hold some volume and curl after blow drying and styling. It also leaves my hair feeling thicker and more nourished. I've used much more expensive volumizing products in the past and find this to be the best by far. I seriously can't live without it, so it's great that it is also super affordable."


A Blowout-Enhancing Mousse Used By Professional Hair Stylists

Netflix's Queer Eye's grooming expert Jonathan Van Ness told Elite Daily that he swears by ORIBE's Grandiose Hair Plumping Mousse. He said, "[It] literally makes my blow drys last longer, even if I sweat." Safe for color-treated hair and made to smell like expensive perfume, this high-end mousse actually repairs and protects your hair with hydrating ingredients and built-in heat protection. The formula is made with panthenol and starch polymer to provide lift and a flexible hold. Even better, it contains conditioning ingredients like sunflower seed oil, glycerin, and vitamin E to keep your hair looking healthy in between washes. And last (but not least), like all of Oribe's products, this professional-level mousse has delicious fragrance that might replace your need to wear perfume altogether.

What fans say: "The mousse is easy to dispense and has a nice scent. I blew out my hair as usual and noticed the difference right away!! There was a significant amount of lift at the crown and from the root throughout my whole head. I always use a round brush but after adding this mousse I'm able to achieve even more volume. They advertise "all-day memory" which I brushed off as just marketing but it's actually legit! When my hair starts to fall and flatten out as the day goes on I kinda rub my fingertips at the roots and plump it up and the volume comes right back. I haven't had these results with any other product."


A Mousse That Boosts Volume, Shine, And Softness With Argan Oil

For a volume-enhancing mousse that also adds superior shine and softness to your hair, try Moroccanoil's Volumizing Mousse. This weightless styling product is made with fatty acid- and antioxidant-rich argan oil that nourishes the hair to provide a medium hold that still moves. The formula also includes an anti-static agent so your hair will look (and feel) as smooth as possible. And like the Oribe product, above, this mousse boasts the brand's signature, spicy sweet scent that so many fans obsessed with.

What fans say: "Works great. Smells great. Great for my shoulder length thin hair. I bought it after my stylist used it on me. Gives great volume. Use with large 450 round brush for best results." Another reviewer says, "This product is easy to use and seems to last forever. It is nice because it gives volume to your hair but is not sticky nor does it leave your hair stiff."


A Volumizing Mousse With Serious Heat And Humidity Protection

The Kenra Volume Mousse Extra 17 is the perfect volumizing mousse if you're looking for a product with firm hold and workable control that doesn't feel sticky, stiff, or heavy. This particular mousse stands out because it provides thermal defense up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit and is extremely resistant to humidity. Its alcohol-free formula spreads easily through hair to create thickness everywhere — not just where you spray it. Expect to get amazing, long-lasting volume that keeps your hair protected and healthy.

What fans say: "I have a lot of fine straight hair. Because there is a lot of hair it will go flat in a heart beat. I have to use volumizing products to prevent flat hair. This mousse is the best and I’ve tried a lot of products and some very expensive and this by far is the best product!"


A Unique Spray-To-Mousse Formula That Lift Roots With Ease

Big Sexy Hair's mousse contains a unique formula that creates maximum volume at the roots of your hair. Unlike other mousses, this product — which is great for all hair types — comes out as a spray, so you can apply it directly to the areas that need volume. For most of us, those are the roots! The spray turns into a mousse once it hits your hair, and you can then work it in for a long-lasting medium hold that will fight against humidity, never look stiff, and provide mega volume.

What fans say: "I tried this root volumizer as it was recommended by my stylist. I have very fine, thin, shoulder length hair. I have it highlighted to add texture and volume. I prefer using organic products, but my eco volumizer just wasn’t doing it. I put this on after shampooing and before I dry and style with my electric brush. I still need to tease my hair a little & use hairspray, but I get a nice look."


Also, Great: A Volumizing Hair Spray That's A Salon Favorite

If you're in the market for a mousse that will boost your hair's body, you may also want to invest in a tried and true hair spray that builds volume. Simply apply this volumizing spray from Living proof on dry hair from root to tip and tousle. You'll instantly see more volume, without any of the crunchiness or sticky residue that some hair sprays can leave behind.

What fans say: "My hair is fine and slightly thinning. This product does a wonderful job at giving volume. It is not sticky. In fact, if you spray it on your hand, it disappears and feels like nothing. No residue. I'm happy to finally have found something that really works for me."


Also, Great: A Thickening Lotion That Boosts Your Hair's Body

This alcohol-free thickening lotion is another great pick if you're looking for fuller, more voluminous hair. Reviewers like to use this lotion after shampooing and conditioning, but before styling their hair. Most reviewers only use quarter-sized dollop of the product and see a thicker, more voluminous final result.

What fans say: "I've used Redkin Thickening Lotion for years and wouldn't be without it. All my life I've had very fine, stick-straight hair, and this lotion, used after shampooing but before the curling iron, gives my hair some body, which it wouldn't otherwise have, and enables it to hold curl."


Also, Great: A Gel Designed To Shine, Thicken, & Volumize Curls

Popular with people with curly hair, this DevaCurl plumper has the consistency of a lightweight gel, but it isn't sticky and doesn't dry crunchy like some other hair gels do. Add a little bit to your curls while they're wet and start styling or letting your hair air dry. Formulated with whey protein, lemongrass, and chamomile, this volumizing gel also strengthens and adds shine to your hair, in addition to making curls appear fuller and soft.

What fans say: "I have very fine hair that is also thin. I love Devacurl ArcAngel gel, so when I saw how many people like combining it with B'Leave-in, I decided to give it a try. My only regret is that I bought the smaller size. My hair is BIG. I finally have the big, luscious, shiny, bouncy curls of my dreams. B'Leave'in really works as promised — it plumps up my curls without any residue, stickiness or frizz."

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