These Nail Files Are Game-Changers If You Have Weak Nails — & Here's Why


Keeping up with nail care when your nails are brittle is so, so important. Getting your nails strong and healthy is actually quite simple with the correct tools in your beauty bag — namely, one of the best nail files for weak nails.

If your nails feel thin and dry or you find yourself dealing with painful cracking and peeling, there are a number of possible causes. Besides certain vitamin deficiencies (which you should definitely ask your doctor about), the weakness could be attributed to the constant use of acrylics, polish, or other irritating chemicals (like nail polish remover). But the good news is, utilizing the right nail file can actually reverse this damage with a minimal amount of upkeep on your end.

While you may feel overwhelmed by the amount of different nail files on the market these days, you can breathe easy knowing that I'm about to give you the benefits and drawbacks of a few options to guide your search. For example, weak nails that break easily and refuse to grow probably need a little TLC from a glass or a crystal nail file, but there are budget options like fine emery boards that do the trick between manicures, too. And for those who love a good splurge, just wait until you see the prestige file I found.

Nevertheless, believe me: Gone are the days of feeling like you have to shell out money for routine manicures. By choosing one of the four nail files below and maybe investing in the best nail strengthening polishes for weak nails, you'll surely be able to make your nails stronger.


The Best Glass Nail File For Weak Nails

Bona Fide Beauty's glass nail file comes highly-recommended by users and has over 2,700 Amazon reviews. Made with strong, wear-resistant Czech glass, this file can be used over and over again and yield the same smooth results each time. Plus, its non-porous surface prevents the growth of bacteria, so you can safely sterilize it and store it in its cute storage case between uses. Why glass, you ask? Glass files are extremely gentle on weak nails. Unlike traditional files, they can even be used in the faster back-and-forth motion without causing damage.

What fans say: "If you're looking for a nail file to treat your nails properly, this is the file for you."


The Best Crystal Nail File That Also Works For Cuticles

The crystal material used in the Austrian crystal nail file by Zeva promotes nail growth by creating a seal for a polished finish that minimizes any splitting, peeling, cracking, or rough edges. Like the others on this list, this U.S.-made file is reusable and washable — it even has rounded ends to clean up your cuticles. Your nails will get stronger the more you use it, and similar to the glass file above, you can use a back-and-forth motion without causing damage. When you're done? Toss it in the included storage case.

What fans say: "For the first time in my life my nails are healthy and growing. My nails are longer, even, and smooth."


The Best Splurge-Worthy Diamond Nail File

Diamancel's "No. 1, Fine" Diamond Nail File is a must-try for weak nails if you're willing to spend a little more for a prestige beauty tool. These kinds of files generally work great on thin, short nails, and Diamancel's does it best. It smooths out edges and create a sculpted look without sacrificing existing growth. Even better, it's washable and will last you a really long time, according to Amazon reviewers.

What fans say: "I can't live without this file. It's so thin that it goes nicely under your nails has not lost it's edge in all the 10 years I've had it. That alone is amazing and worth the price!"


The Best Budget-Friendly Nail File Set

If you're a traditionalist, this value pack of emery board nail files by Makartt is your best bet. At just $8 for 10 double-sided files, it's a great deal. While emery boards might not be the most effective choice for super damaged nails, these boast a 180/240 grit size that's safe for fine nails yet sturdy enough to require the gentlest amount of pressure during use. They're also waterproof (aka OK to sanitize and rinse) and reusable for added convenience. You can put one in your bag, your car, your bedroom — the possibilities are endless.

What fans say: "Excellent value. Not sure yet if these will last as long as more expensive versions, but so far they are working fine. The 180/240 is a good combination."

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