The 4 Best Pie Pans


There's nothing better than warm pie hot fresh out of the oven. No matter which filling you go with, the key to a perfect pie is in the crust. Luckily, the best pie pans on the market can help you bake a flawless, flaky crust in no time.

Before purchasing a pan, consider your individual oven. Even though each oven is supposed to run at the temperature you set it to, some tend to run hotter or take longer to heat up. This can affect how your pie turns out. For example, metal pie pans tend to heat up and cool down quickly, so if your oven runs hot, you could end up burning your pie. On the other hand, if your oven takes a long time to get warm, a metal pan or aluminum tin may work better than a ceramic or glass pan, which won't be as reactive to the oven temperature.

The material your pan is made from can also affect your pie's overall aesthetic as well. Ceramic pie pans tend to have thick ridges that create that uniformed, ruffled edge. If you're feeling creative, metal and aluminum pans allow for you to form whichever type of crust edge you want, and can be used for other desserts as well.

No matter which way you go, the best pie pans can make all the difference. Here's a round-up of some of the best options out there to help you narrow it down.

1. The Best Glass Pan

Made from Pyrex glass, classic dish is completely oven and freezer safe. The glass is also nonporous so it won't absorb any odors or stains. The indented rim makes it easy to remove it from a hot oven, or to gently fold over the dough to create a scalloped edge. The best part? It's easy to clean and dishwasher safe so there's zero scrubbing.

What fans say: "These are a great size, not too small as my extremely old pyrex pie plates are. These are deep enough to make a deep dish apple pie and a big quiche. The rim around the top makes it easier to grab and hold with oven mitts. Sorry I did not find them sooner!"

2. The Best Ceramic Option

If you're looking for a ceramic pie pan, this scalloped-edged dish hits all the right marks. This dish features a scratch-free glaze that repels all odors, stains, and resists cracking. The high-ridged sides help even the heaviest pies keep their shape while also forming a unique crust shape. On top of that, this dish is so durable, you can even use it under the broiler without any wear or tear.

What fans say: "I never write reviews, but I just had to because this is pie plate is incredible. I love to bake and I love pie, but my pies crusts have always been ugly. However, with this plate, anyone can crimp the edges like a pro."

3. The Best Nonstick Pan

Made from steel, this extremely durable pan heats up your pie in a flash. It's also coated in a DuraGlide nonstick finish so you can slip your pie out with ease when it's done baking. And since the entire pan conducts heat, it evenly warms both the crust and contents of your pie so you don't have to worry about a burnt bottom or edges. Plus, at only $12 for a pack of high-quality and versatile pans, it's a total steal.

What fans say: "These have even come in handy while camping. When finished, I just turned them over on the coals and let the residue be smelted off. Throughout all that abuse, even after using titanium silverware, the coating on these is as durable as it was when they arrived."

4. The Best Disposable Tin

No need to worry about clean up with these disposable baking pans. Made from aluminum foil, these tins can easily be crumpled up and recycled when you're finished with them. Plus, you don't have to transfer your dessert to a separate dish — just bake, refrigerate, and serve all from the same pan to cut clean-up time even more. At 5 inches in diameter, they're perfect for small pies, personal cakes, and just about any other dessert you can dream of. Reviewers insist that these tins are perfect — they aren't flimsy and you can use them to cook a ton of pies at once.

What fans say: "I anticipated the general flimsy nature of tin pie pans, fearing they would not allow me to achieve an even bake from proper heat dispersion like glass ones would... They were perfect though! I made 6 pies to try them out, and ended up making 6 more the next night because they were so good!"

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