This $40 Humidifier Is Quieter Than A Whisper (Plus 3 More Noise-Free Options)


If you're in search of a humidifier for your bedroom or baby's nursery that won't disrupt your sleep (even with things like gurgling noises, hums, or water droplet sounds), you need one of the best quiet humidifiers. Although many humidifiers are described as “whisper-quiet” in its product description, few actually are.

The best way to determine a humidifier's noise level is to look at these key things:

  • The type of humidifier: There are two most common types of humidifiers: evaporative and ultrasonic. While evaporative humidifiers tend to be less expensive than ultrasonic ones, they are built with operating fans. Ultrasonic humidifiers, on the other hand, do not rely on fans and, consequently, are far less noisy. Instead, ultrasonic models use high-frequency vibrations to fill the air with mist.
  • The decibel rating of a humidifier: The quietest humidifiers typically emit less than 30 decibels of noise, which, according to the CDC, is the actual sound level of a soft whisper. To compare, a refrigerator hum is around 40 decibels and a typical air conditioner is about 60 decibels. While no humidifier is completely silent, the average person sleeping next to a humidifier that produces less than 30 decibels of noise would probably not find themselves bothered by the sounds. However, keep in mind that some manufacturers don't list the decibel ratings of their humidifiers, and it may be because they aren't particularly quiet. So choosing one with a decibel rating is the safest bet.

For more details on the best quiet humidifiers, scroll down below.


The Overall Best Quiet Humidifier

Available in white, black, or gray, this TaoTronics cool-mist ultrasonic humidifier offers the perfect balance of quietness, functionality, and value. Not only does the humidifier produces just 26 decibels of sound, but it also has a 4-liter capacity for up to 50 hours of continuous mist that can pump moisture into spaces up to 430-square-feet large. Plus, it's filter-less, has a wide opening for filling and cleaning, and it automatically shuts off when the machine runs out of water or is toppled over.

Helpful review: “This is the quietest humidifier we have ever owned. Even quieter than high-end humidifiers purchased at Brookstone. It is filter-free, which is a must for me! The last humidifier we bought had a filter that got black mold only after a few months of use. Love this quiet, filter-free, humidity producing machine!”


The Largest Capacity

If you want a humidifier that can essentially run around the clock, this cool-mist ultrasonic humidifier boasts a large 6-liter capacity and is able to run up to 100 hours on a full tank ⁠— all while emitting only 26 decibels of sound. Suitable for rooms up to 430 square feet, this humidifier projects mist with a 3.3-feet high range and has a 360-degree nozzle so you can direct the mist where it'd be most needed. An automatic-shutoff safety feature is also enabled when the humidifier is lifted or runs out of water.

Helpful review: “This humidifier has a very modern, minimalist design. The tank has a wide opening and is easy to fill. The humidifier output has a large range between the lowest and highest settings. The mist was very strong too, yet no machine sound at all, even on the highest setting. On the side of it, there's a gauge that's clear plastic so you can easily see how much water you still have inside without having to open it up. I prefer this over the full clear ones; I feel as though it fits better with my home decor.”


A Three-In-One Humidifier That Releases Cool Or Warm Mist

This ultrasonic humidifier, which has a 30-decibel noise rating, is a little bit of a splurge compared to the others on this list but offers features that the other humidifiers don't. Notably, it has both cool and warm mist settings, so you have the option of filling a room with whatever makes you most comfortable. There are also 12 mist speed settings and a dedicated spot to safely drop in essential oils to be dispersed along with the mist.

In addition to its diffusing capabilities, this device doubles as an air purifier and contains an ion air filter. The filter must be replaced yearly but could be a major benefit for anyone with allergies or who would otherwise buy a separate air purifier.

Like the overall best pick, this humidifier also holds 4 liters of water and automatically shuts off when the tank is empty. It can also handle large rooms up to 485 square feet.

Helpful review: “This humidifier is nearly silent. I have it in my living room as our fireplace really dries out the air. The tank is relatively large and it looks quite sleek and modern up on my mantle. I also love that it has a light that I use as a nightlight. The controls are simple to use and you can modify the humidity levels quite a bit. I’m really happy with this purchase.”


The Most Travel-Friendly Quiet Humidifier

Don't want to invest in a bulky and expensive humidifier? Need to be able to throw one into a suitcase or backpack? This mini machine is a small and affordable alternative that's perfectly sized and quiet enough for keeping on a nightstand or office desk. It's built with a 400-milliliter water tank and a USB-rechargeable battery. And at less than 20 decibels of noise, it's nearly silent.

Helpful review: “The device is so quiet; I can't hear it run and, more importantly, neither can the kids, since this is used in their room. The added bonus of a beautiful, warm colored night light is a wonderful touch. It's a focused, bright line across the front of the device that doesn't emit light everywhere but just straight down, so it truly operates without causing distraction."

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