These Are The Best Salt & Pepper Grinders To Help You Spice Up Any Dish

For some people, seasoning is the essential final step in making their favorite dishes just right. When searching for the best salt and pepper grinders, you’ll want to consider the materials and design in order to find the right set for your needs.

First, you'll want to think about the material of the grinder itself. Most grinders will have either ceramic or stainless steel rotors, but another option is carbon steel. While the latter may be less expensive, ceramic and stainless steel are better at resisting corrosion. For a grinder's body material, stainless steel, glass, and wood are all dependable options that are great at preserving your spices. Wood grinders will likely come with a higher price tag, though. And if you choose an option made with glass, you'll need to be extra careful since it can easily break when dropped.

Next, think about the grinder's design features like how many grades of coarseness it offers and how easy it is to use. Most grinders offer a range of coarseness levels that can easily be adjusted, though some are more limited and less precise than others. If you don't like to manually grind your spices, there are also battery-operated options that work with the simple push of a button.

Another important feature to look for is a no-spill design. Some options are designed with the grinding mechanism at the top (so you have to flip them upside down to use them). Those with the grinding mechanism on the bottom should ideally have a "lock" setting or come with a tray to keep spices from leaking onto your table.

From a sleek acacia wood set to heavy-duty stainless steel options, read on to find the best salt and pepper grinders for your kitchen.


The Overall Best

What's great about it: With a body made out of brushed stainless steel and glass, this HOME EC salt and pepper grinder set has a great mix of features. Designed with ceramic gears that are heavy-duty and noncorrosive, they won't interfere with the flavor of your salt and pepper. The grinding mechanism is at the top of each one, and a stainless steel lid provides extra protection from spills. With this option, you get five different grades of grinding, from coarse to fine. This set also includes a complimentary silicone funnel for easy refilling.

What fans say: "I love everything about these. And, I've been through several sets. They look great, easy to use, and adjusting to your liking is super easy. So glad I chose them."


The Runner-Up

What's great about it: Similar to the previous pick, this Benicci salt and pepper grinder is made out of thick glass and has a stainless steel cap and lid for durability. With this pick, the grinder is also at the top, helping to avoid messes. It also contains ceramic rotors that grind from fine to course, and reviewers say it has five different settings to choose from. While this option has a slightly lower price point, it doesn't come with a funnel for refilling like the first pick. However, it does come with a handy metal caddy for storage.

What fans say: "We were tired of using the grocery store blend and had disposed of some low quality wooden grinders some time ago. I very much liked another set that was 5x as much. I decided to take a chance on these instead. Great price and they look beautiful. Easy to clean and fill!"


The Best Automatic Grinders

What's great about it: For those who don't want to manually twist their grinder, this battery-operated salt and pepper grinder set is a great alternative. With the push of a button, you can grind your spices with ease and efficiency. To change the coarseness level, just adjust the knob. While its outer body is made of stainless steel for durability, it's also designed with ceramic gears for precise grinding. It comes with a storage tray to keep any spice spills contained, as well as a locking mechanism to minimize spills in the first place. On top of all that, both grinders feature a light for accurate seasoning, even in a dimly lit setting.

One potential drawback is that the battery compartment takes up a lot of space, which means you may need to refill this one more often than other options. It's also important to note that this pick requires four AA batteries for each grinder, which aren't included.

What fans say: "These are fantastic! Easy to use, press the top button and VIOLA! They even have a light that lets you see how much salt and pepper you are grinding onto your food. Look great on the table as well. Comes with a little tray to sit them in to prevent little particles of salt and pepper from getting on your table. Looks very classy and works like a charm. Would highly recommend this set if you're in the market!"


The Best Wooden Grinder

What's great about it: Both beautifully designed and stylish, this wooden salt and pepper grinder set is made out of sustainable acacia wood. Not only does it look super elegant, but this specific material is also extremely durable, water-resistant, and will keep moisture away from your salt and pepper. Its gears are made out of precise stainless steel and ceramic.

This grinder is built to last for years, and while it doesn't offer distinct settings, you can manually adjust it for a finer or coarser result. Also worth noting: This option has the grinder on the bottom, and it doesn't come with a tray or feature a locking mechanism. But if you like the chic look of wood, it's a quality option.

What fans say: "We’re basically obsessed with these grinders. After searching for salt and pepper grinders for ages and not finding any that are our style, we bit the bullet and splurged on these and now our only regret is not buying them sooner. They are so smooth when you twist them and give off a perfect flake. Beautifully crafted and feel very high quality. We hope they last and last!"

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