These Shower Head Filters Can Actually Improve The Health Of Your Hair

by Lisa Fogarty

If you have hard water in your shower, your hair is well aware of it. The best shower head filters for hair are the ones that can effectively remove hard metals and gunk that's wreaking havoc on your hair and skin. Best of all, they don't require a license in plumbing or a kit of fancy tools to install. A few even boast some pretty nifty features — there's even a filter for low water pressure and one that delivers a shot of refreshing Vitamin C.

If you're on the fence about why you need a shower filter, let's discuss hard water for a second. If you live in an area that has mineralized or chlorinated hard water, you might end your shower feeling a slimy coating on your skin and hair that wasn't there before. That's because hard water makes rinsing shampoo and conditioner out of you hair more difficult and the minerals it contains can leave a soapy film in your hair.

Here's what all this means when you get out of the shower and try to style your strands: they'll feel rough. Your hair may also be more prone to dryness and static. You may even find yourself relying on more product to style your hair.

Honestly, who has time for all of that?

These four shower head filters will turn your hard water soft and can be installed in just minutes. So get ready for your healthiest hair ever.


A Filter That Replaces Heavy Metals With Potassium & Can Make Your Dyed Hair Last Longer

Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System, $79, Amazon

Not only does this hard water shower filter system remove hard metals like copper, but it actually replaces them with potassium ions to balance the water's pH levels. As a result, your hair and skin will feel softer and more manageable, and if you color your hair, you may actually find yourself needing fewer in-between salon appointments to boost your shade.

And you don't have to go and change your entire shower head to adjust to this filter system. It works with what you already have and reviewers say it's a snap to install. Its benefits on hair aren't lost on reviewers, either. One swears it took about 10 days of use with this hard water filter, but that her hair "is no longer super dry" and "has lots of shine."


A Filter Designed By A Haircare Heavyweight That Removes Chlorine Like Nothing Else

T3 Source Showerhead Shower Filter, $130, Amazon

If you want a guarantee that you're going to get a shower filter that takes good care of your hair, there's no better endorsement than one designed by T3, the haircare brand that also brings you an incredible line of hair dryers and styling tools. You'll spend a bit more on this luxury option, but in return, you'll get a filter that removes 95 percent of chlorine for noticeably softer, smoother hair. The secret here is that T3 uses a patented blend of tourmaline and precious metals and minerals to do away with all the nasty stuff your water doesn't need — metals that are sapping hair of its vitality.

Reviewers confirm this filter does its job and better than most at that: your hair and skin will feel like silk after just one shower. And, if you suffer from an itchy, dry scalp, it claims to restore hydration and minimize the itch.


A Snazzy Filter That Improves Water Pressure & Delivers A Burst Of Citrusy-Smelling Vitamin C

Invigorated Water Vitamin C Shower Filter, $39, Amazon

Can you think of a better way to wake up in the morning than with this Vitamin C shower filter, which really and truly delivers a soothing citrus smell, courtesy of a Vitamin C block? And the tech-y goodness doesn't stop there. This filter takes weak water streams and increases water pressure by 200 percent, which helps you conserve water, and rinses shampoo and soap off quicker and more efficiently. And those negative ion and tourmaline balls aren't built into the filter's design just to make it look more interesting — they play a huge role in softening hard water and helping retain good-for-your-hair minerals like zinc, magnesium, and calcium.


An Affordable Filter That's The Easiest To Install

Limia's Care 10-Stage Shower Filter, $29, Amazon

You don't have to spend a million dollars to filter hard water and get healthier, cleaner, shinier hair. This affordable 10-stage filter has a bunch of layers designed to remove the worst metals and chemicals using every tool from activated carbon to magnetic ceramic energy balls. You hair will feel amazingly clean and hydrated, and impurities won't cause it to become dry and brittle.

And you don't have to be handy to install this filter, which fits all shower types. The kit comes with everything you need, including one extra cartridge, and you can keep that tool kit in the basement where it belongs — you won't need it for installation.

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