If You've Been Burned Before, These Silicone Oven Mitts Will Change Everything

When you're shopping for an item that's meant to prevent burns, the stakes are pretty high. This is a scenario where you really don't want to be misled by marketing hype. If you're looking for the best silicone oven mitts, you'll need to be an informed shopper. But the good news here is that I've done all the research for you.

The most important thing to know about silicone kitchen tools is that they're not heatproof — just heat-resistant. In other words, they're not intended for prolonged exposure to high temperatures. When considering any pair of oven mitts, be sure to look for the manufacturer's guidelines on the maximum recommended temperature and time duration.

Also, make sure your mitts are constructed with true, FDA-approved silicone. In addition to being heat-resistant at high temperatures, silicone is waterproof, grippy, and easy to clean (just use a little warm water and soap!). Avoid other rubbery materials like neoprene, which often have a much lower melting point. All of my picks on this list are made with real silicone and safe for temperatures of at least 446 degrees.

Aside from keeping these details in mind, the biggest decision you'll have to make is what size mitts you want. The standard length is around 13 inches, which will probably hit somewhere along the middle of your forearm, depending on your body. Most of my picks on this list are between 13 and 14 inches in length. For those who prefer more coverage, I've included a pair with an impressive 19.5 inches of length. And if you have large hands, or prefer fingered mitts, there's something on this list for you, too.

Read on to find your perfect fit and keep your hands safe from scalds and splatters.


The Overall Best

Length: 13.5 inches

Heat resistance: Up to 482 degrees Fahrenheit

Available colors: Charcoal gray, black, or red

What's great about them: Not to play favorites, but I own these Frux Home and Yard oven mitts, and after a full year of use, they still look like new. With heat resistance up to 482 degrees, they have just the right amount of flexibility for getting a secure grip on pans — and they're my favorite tool for opening reluctant jars. These mitts feature 13.5 inches of length to protect your arms from burns, and most of the exterior is covered in waterproof silicone (unlike some of the other picks on this list, which feature a larger fabric portion). This makes them perfect for use in hot water.

Inside the mitt, the lining is a breathable blend of cotton and polyester, and it can be pulled inside-out for easy washing. As an extra perk, these mitts feature convenient loops, so you can hang them when you're done.

What fans say: "These are just great oven mitts. Unlike more traditional mitts, these don't get dirty or wear out and if you get something on them they are easy to clean off. Construction seems pretty good, the grip is great, and no heat transfers through the glove ... An all around great product."


The Best For Big Hands

Length: 13 inches

Heat resistance: Up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit

Available colors: Blue, black, gray, teal, or red

What's great about them: If standard-sized oven mitts are usually a tight squeeze, consider these Honla silicone oven mitts, which offer an extra 1.5 inches of space for your hands. In addition to silicone, the exterior also features a sizable portion of cotton twill, which isn't waterproof. This means you won't be able to plunge your hands too deeply into hot water like you can with my previous pick. But with 13 inches of length and up to 500 degrees of heat-resistance, you will still have sufficient protection while maneuvering in and out of your oven.

What fans say: "These are great [mitts] that really cover my hands and wrists. I have large hands and it was great to find mitts I can get on easily."


The Best For Full-Coverage

Length: 19.5 inches

Heat resistance: Up to 464 degrees Fahrenheit

Available colors: Black

What's great about them: If you've been burned before and you don't want to take any chances, these extra long silicone oven mitts will have you covered. They offer an impressive 19.5 inches in length, and reviewers say they're also a little wider than most mitts. Like with my previous pick, the silicone does not run the entire length of the mitt, but the outside shell does offer heat resistance up to 464 degrees. Meanwhile, the inner lining is made of comfortable quilted cotton. These mitts feature generous loops so you can hang them, and when they need to be cleaned, you can run them through the dishwasher.

What fans say: "Love these mitts! I shopped at several stores plus compared several online to find just the right ones... long enough to protect my arms when reaching deep into the oven with very soft silicon to allow flexible movement. These are great. Very happy with this purchase."


The Best Grip

Length: 13.7 inches

Heat resistance: Up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit

Available colors: Gray, blue, or black

What's great about them: If you prefer having the freedom of all five fingers while you cook or bake, these silicone grilling gloves are going to be your best bet. At 13.7 inches in length, your hands and forearms will have plenty of protection. These are a few centimeters narrower than my other picks, though, so that's something to consider if you have large hands. But this is another pair that boasts a handy loop for hanging.

While the brand notes that these are suitable for use with a barbecue or grill, keep in mind that they're only heat-resistant up to 446 degrees, so you shouldn't get too close to an open flame while wearing them.

What fans say: "I ordered these gloves to replace several pairs I've had for almost 20 years. I am very impressed! I was able to reach into my oven with ease and not worry about being scalded or burnt. They are very comfortable and I love having fingers instead of mitts. Makes it easier to grab plates and use utensils on the grill. Gloves are a great value and appear very durable."

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