The 4 Best Smart Bulbs For Google Home


Whether you want to turn the lights off with just the sound of your voice or you're looking for a serious upgrade like a rainbow of colors, the best smart bulbs for Google Home have you covered. No matter which of these you choose, all of these smart bulbs can be controlled from anywhere, whether you’re in the next room and want to turn off a light with a voice command or just forgot to turn off your lights when you rushed out the door and need to turn the off via smartphone. And while you'll need a Google Home, or another hub, for voice commands with these, all of these picks have apps that let you operate them even when you don't. They also all let you dim the lights to your preference without having to install a dimmer switch.

When you’re shopping around for a smart bulb option, you’ll want to keep in mind how you’ll be using the bulb. If you’re trying to upgrade your whole home, you may want to opt for a starter kit with multiple smart bulbs. And if you're looking for one just for the bedroom, consider a color-changing light which could help you sleep better because red light mimics natural sunset to promote a restful night’s sleep (think: that relaxing feeling of candlelight). And you're not limited to regular-style LED bulbs, either. I've included mini and Edison-style bulbs as well.

For a quick upgrade that'll make your life easier, here’s my roundup of the best smart bulbs that are compatible with Google Home.

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1.The Best Smart Light Starter Kit

The Philips Hue white ambiance smart light bulb starter kit is a complete lighting upgrade that includes four A19 LED smart bulbs (which fit most standard lamps) and a Philips Hue Bridge hub that’s capable of controlling up to 50 lights. Link the hub to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to control your lights via voice or use the Hue app to easily control your lights when you're out of the house. These bulbs feature ambiance lighting so you can switch from energizing bright white to relaxing warm light (and even set a schedule) to give your day a boost. However, for colored light, you'll need a different pick.

According to one fan: "I bought my hue bulbs almost a year ago in an expensive gamble to improve my sleep quality. It was one of the best purchases I have ever made. My lights are programmed to match the white balance of the daylight outside, dim at night, and fade in before I wake up in the morning. I get tired at a normal time (around 10 pm-12 am instead of 2-3 am), wake up more easily, and sleep better in between."

A Multicolor Smart Bulb That Works With Google Home

For a full range of colors, the Sengled smart Wi-Fi LED bulb is a fan favorite with more than 1,500 reviews. With an impressive range of 16 million colors, you can set scenes, alternate shades, and adjust the brightness of your lights through the Sengled Home app, and also control it with you voice using Google Home or Alexa. There's also white to red light dimming options that you can schedule during the day or right before bed. You can even set it to create a sunrise effect to gently nudge you awake, and since these are Wi-Fi enabled, no hub is necessary to use them.

According to one fan: "I was a little scared when purchasing this one because I thought all Sengled devices required a hub. Well I was wrong. When I screwed it into where its supposed to go, turned on the bulbs and it connected to my phone in less than 3 mins. I logged into my Google home app and logged into my Sengled account on there. It works great [...] Brightness... it gets VERY bright. I usually use it at 50% brightness. All I have to say is 'hey Google, reduce bedroom light brightness to 50%' and its done."

An Energy Star-Compliant Mini Smart Bulb

If you don't need a bright light and want to save a little on electricity, the Energy Star-compliant LIFX mini white Wi-Fi smart LED light bulb is about as bright as a 60-watt bulb and only uses 9 watts of energy. Since it's Wi-Fi enabled, it doesn't need a hub to work (it can be app controlled) but it is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa. This smart bulb produces both natural white and warm white light. Though the bulbs are smaller, they fit into standard-size sockets. However, you won't get colors with this one.

According to one fan: "I purchased these LIFX bulbs intending to quickly integrate them with a Google Home Mini in my home office. WOW, I am amazed by how easy this was to setup. I had "OK Google, turn office lights on" working within 15 minutes of receiving my shipment from Amazon."

These Cute Smart Edison Bulbs

For an extra dash of style, consider these vintage-inspired Sealight smart Edison bulbs. These work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for hands-free voice control but there's no hub required either. You can connect via the Smart Life app on your phone. These bulbs are soft white without a bright white option, but they are dimmable. However, there are no colors with this option.

According to one fan: "The smart bulbs work great and I like the dimming feature. Very easy to set up, I didn't need a hub for connection compared to other smart bulbs. And I love the vintage Edison bulb appearance."