The 4 Best Space Heaters For Apartments

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To quickly warm up a drafty room or save on your energy bills, space heaters are a great solution. Using one of the best space heaters for apartments can quickly heat your bedroom, living room, or other space. They’re also portable, making it easy to carry or roll to any room in need of warming up.

Space heaters come in a variety of styles and sizes, and two of the most popular are ceramic heaters and radiator-style heaters. According to CBS News, ceramic heaters tend to be a relatively safe and energy-efficient. They also work well to distribute heat throughout the room and they are affordable, too. However, since these typically use a fan to circulate air, they can be a little noisier than a radiator-style one.

Radiator-style space heaters are often filled with oil that’s warmed. Cold air is pulled to the outside of the heating surface and then pushed out into the room as warm air. They’re also very quiet. However, they tend to take a little longer to heat a room than a ceramic one does, and while almost every space heater can get hot to the touch and it's important to be careful when using them unattended, and around kids and pets, radiator-style ones tend to get hotter than ceramic ones so be especially careful.

Many of these heaters have safety options like auto-shutoff and timers. There are also optional features like oscillation and adjustable thermostats to look out for, though these usually cost a little bit more. Some space heaters are even water-resistant, so you can use them to heat a bathroom, too.

To make finding the perfect heater for your place easy, here’s my roundup of the best space heaters for apartments. All of these top picks are portable and feature-rich to keep your apartment nice and toasty for not a lot of cash.