As The Weather Cools Down, Keep Your Basement Warm With One Of These Space Heaters

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Heating a basement comes with its own set of challenges. Whether you're using this area as a living space, a storage space, or perhaps as both, finding the best space heaters for basements is important. Not only do you want to keep your downstairs area at a comfortable temperature, but you want to do this without the extra costs or potential challenges home heating and installation can bring.

3 Things All The Best Space Heaters Have In Common

  1. They heat the entire area (aka your basement) with ease, coming in a range of different sizes.
  2. They're decently portable (some even come with wheels or attach straight to the wall/baseboard).
  3. They're easy to maintain.

If these aren't enough features, don't worry, there's more! The best space heater for basements also come with extras like digital displays, remote controls, auto-shut off functionalities, and temperature variations from as low as 45 degrees Fahrenheit to 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

Regardless of what you prefer — a basic option or something packed with features — I've collected the three best options right here. And if you're really trying to revamp your basement air quality, check out this list of the best dehumidifiers for basements that'll literally purify the air.


Overall Best: Dr. Infrared Portable Space Heater

This portable option by Dr. Infrared is excellent, as it comes with bottom wheels and weighs just 24 pounds.

In terms of power, this quiet dual-heating system is 1,500 watts — perfect basements of all sizes — and it only uses 12.5 amps (a low amount of power). Plus, it comes with built-in energy saving mode and a 12-hour automatic shut-off feature for when the heater isn't in use. It has a unique digital display and comes equipped with its own remote.

Glowing review: "It works exceptionally well to heat our rather large finished basement. Usually when I go down there the temperature is around 60 degrees even though the whole-house furnace thermostat is set at 75 degrees. Within about 20 minutes of running this heater, the basement is at 75 degrees."


Budget-Friendly: Lasko Ceramic Portable Space Heater

This little heater only covers about 300 square feet, but it's earned more than 12,000 positive reviews making it the most popular space heater on Amazon. It has a three quiet settings (fan, low, and high), and it even oscillates. If you're looking for a cheap and easy solution to heat a small space this is the perfect solution.

Glowing Review: "Took this home after I swapped to a different office and used it in our basement during a friendsgiving potluck, basement was absolutely freezing before this was turn on and within a few hours, I had to remove my sweater because it was so warm even after turning off the heater. Definitely worth your money, do not hesitate to buy."


Mid-Range Price: Fahrenheat FUH54 Heater

For a more discreet (and considerably cheaper!) option, opt for this 72-inch heater by Cadet that fits right along the baseboards in your space, heating inconspicuously.

It's a 1,500-watt unit with a steel exterior that transmits heat continually. Weighing just over 13 pounds, be warned that it does require some basic installation. However, users say this process isn't very difficult. It also requires a thermostat, which may be a downside depending on your basement space.

Glowing review: "This product came exactly as described. It is not cheap or flimsy, was easy to install, and is very reliable. I bought 4 of these to replace the older ones in my condo and am very happy with them. I recommend this product."


Upgrade Pick (Best For Large Spaces): Fahrenheat FUH54 Heater

If you're looking for a basement heater that'll cover even more ground, this 12-inch by 11-inch mountable option from Fahrenheat is ideal.

Even though it's considerably more expensive than the one above, this heater packs a punch. First, it covers a larger area (up to 1,500 square feet) and has an adjustable wattage from 2,500 to 5,000 watts for added versatility. It also comes with a four-wire plug, a wiring harness, and a ceiling bracket to make mounting it to a wall super easy. What's more, it can be connected to a thermostat, or, if preferred, turned on manually.

Glowing review: "Using this in an unfinished basement that I use as a work area. One cool feature is that you can select different power levels by jumper positions inside. This would let you use it with a smaller circuit, or more likely, tailor the heat output for a smaller room, so the thermostat doesn't cycle as much."

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