The One Thing Everyone With A Basement Should Own

by Emily Estep
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High humidity levels in your home can lead to mold, dust mites, and mildew before you know it, and no region is more in danger of dampness than the basement. The best dehumidifiers for basements extract the excess moisture from the air, keeping the humidity level down and the air safe for breathing.

When looking for a dehumidifier for your basement, first survey how large the space is. There are dehumidifiers of all sizes on the market, ranging from compact, portable units that are ideal for small spaces, to enormous appliances that can suck up to 70 pints of moisture out of the air in a 24-hour timespan.

Additionally, some dehumidifiers offer certain perks. While some can be kind of noisy, there are plenty of silent dehumidifiers on the market. And while some have to be manually emptied out periodically, others have a continuous drainage system, which is especially perfect if you have a basement drain. There are even dehumidifiers with air filters built-in, ridding the air of allergens and other debris that can be irritating.

These dehumidifiers cover a variety of basement sizes and needs, helping you put a stop to the ill effects of high humidity before they even start.


A Portable Dehumidifier That Weighs Less Than Three Pounds

Pro Breeze Electric Dehumidifier, $50, Amazon

This compact dehumidifier holds 16 ounces of liquid, so it's powerful enough for refreshing small basements, but isn't too heavy to carry. In fact, it weighs less than three pounds, so you easily can move it from room to room. It's also ultra-quiet, energy efficient, and has automatic shut-off.


A Large Dehumidifier That Operates At A Low, Energy-Saving Temp

Frigidaire 50-Pint Dehumidifier, $200, Amazon

With the ability to extract up to 50 pints of moisture from the air per day, this sizable, bacteria-fighting dehumidifier is perfect for the average basement. It operates at the low, energy-saving temperature of 41 degrees Fahrenheit, so you won't feel guilty leaving it on full-time, and you can set it to a continuous operation if you have an accessible low-level drain.


A Small Dehumidifier To Freshen Up Small Basements

Eva-Dry E-333 Renewable Mini Dehumidifier, $15, Amazon

If you have a small basement (up to 333 cubic feet) or if you're just looking for something to drain a bit of moisture out of the air, this mini dehumidifier is a helpful, budget-friendly option. It requires no batteries or cords, you can refill its cartridge indefinitely, and a single unit lasts up to ten years, slowly keeping your humidity levels in check the entire time.


A Large Dehumidifier That Has A Continuous Draining Option

Keystone 50-Pint Dehumidifier, $165, Amazon

This dehumidifier sucks up to 50 pints of moisture out of the air per day, and with an available continuous draining option, you can keep it running 24/7 to clean up a seriously problematic basement. It has three settings to choose from — normal, turbo, and auto-defrost — allowing you to choose just how aggressively you want it to dehumidify. The removable filter is super easy to clean and has an alert that tells you when to do so.


A Huge Dehumidifier That Can Extract 70 Pints Per Day

BLACK+DECKER 70-Pint Dehumidifier, $220, Amazon

With this enormous dehumidifier, you can extract 70 pints of moisture per day out of the air, making it great for anyone with a huge basement or one that's having major humidity problems. It has three fan speeds to choose from and you can set it to operate at different temperatures to save energy. It also has automatic restart, shut-off, and de-frost options, which allow it to basically run on its own.


A Compact Dehumidifier That's Virtually Silent

Hodgson Thermo-Electric Mini Dehumidifier, $50, Amazon

This portable dehumidifier is essentially silent, condensing and removing moisture from the air without the use of a noisy compressor, so it's ideal for basements with a lot of activity. Perfect for smaller rooms, it has a removable water tank that you can easily dump out whenever necessary. It also turns off automatically as soon as the tank fills up to avoid any spills.

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