These 4 No-Spill Wine Glasses Take The Hassle Out Of Taking Your Drink To Go


Spill-proof wine glasses are perhaps one of the greatest inventions out there. They're perfect for outdoor parties, picnicking, or when you just want a glass of vino without worrying about getting wine on your white shirt. You can find the best spill-proof wine glasses in glass or stainless steel, with or without lids.

Many wine connoisseurs insist wine should be consumed from a glass vessel because the thick material has the ability to reduce heat transfer, so when you're holding it, the warmth from your hand won't affect the temperature of your wine as much. With glass, you'll also avoid potential flavor abnormalities that come with drinking from cups made from other, more porous materials. Plus, glass lets you observe the wine's "legs" and colors.

On the other hand, stainless steel wine goblets are a decent alternative because they're virtually unbreakable, thus further preventing leaks or spills. Stainless steel cups are often insulated, so in addition to keeping your wine at just the right temperature, you can also use them for transporting hot beverages. However, keep in mind that steel could still possibly impart an unwanted flavor into your drink.

Choosing a wine glass with a lid will not only help guard liquid from overflowing, it will also help block insects — or other debris — from contaminating your drink. Only one of the picks below doesn't come with a lid because it's designed to also let the wine inside breath.

Whether you're heading to the beach, an outdoor concert, or just hanging out with friends on your front porch, the best spill-proof wine glasses will make your wine-drinking experience all the more tasteful and mess-free.


The Overall Best Spill-Proof Stemless Wine Glass

Created by two wine-loving moms and featured on Shark Tank, this wine tumbler from GOVERRE lets you enjoy wine the way it was meant to be enjoyed — in a chic glass. The nonslip silicone sleeve keeps the glass from slipping when you're holding it and prevents the heat from your hand from transferring to your wine. The glass is extra-thick and shatter-resistant, and the entire 17-ounce cup (including the silicone sleeve) is free of phthalates and lead, and is top-rack dishwasher safe. Plus, the sleeve comes in five cheerful colors.

The addition of a plastic lid gives this pick extra insurance against spills, even more so because you can use it just like you would a sippy cup from your childhood — you can drink right through the lid by turning the knob on the top to the left. When you're finished, turn the knob back to the right to ensure the cover is closed and sealed.

Fan review: “This wine glass is awesome for when you need to take a glass of wine with you on the go! In our neighborhood, we often meet in a driveway while the kids play and this allows me to bring my wine without worrying about spilling. The best part is even a glass that is knocked over won't spill and won't break with the silicone coating. Love it!!!”


The Best Stainless Steel Insulated Wine Tumbler Set With Lids

At less than $20 for two, this affordable set of shatterproof wine tumblers is an excellent pick for anyone who wants extras for an outdoor party or a trip to the beach. Even at this wallet-friendly price, the BPA-free cups are still high quality — they feature a double-wall insulated, stainless steel construction that's perfect for both hot and cold liquids. Lids, stainless steel straws, straw cleaners, and silicone straw tips are included with these 12-ounce tumblers, too, and there are multiple eye-catching colors to choose from, including aqua (pictured), Mermaid Sparkle, and rose gold. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the manufacturer recommends against putting these in the dishwasher if you want to maintain the powder-coated colored shell.

Fan review: “These tumblers insulate well and are a great size for wine, cocktails, and coffee. Whether it's an icy beverage, a slightly cool red wine, or a hot cup of coffee, the liquid will hold its temperature for more than long enough to consume it.”


The Best Stainless Steel Stemmed Glasses

If you're looking for a set of classic stemmed wine "glasses" that are both unbreakable and spill-proof, look no further! These 12-ounce goblets are made of insulated stainless steel — which like the pick above, means you can safely put hot or cold drinks inside — and come with secure lids with an easy open and close spout for sipping or keeping bugs out. They are dishwasher safe and also available in a set of four.

Fan review: “These are great insulated wine glasses, and I loved having them come as a set! I've got plenty of wine glasses, but I enjoy these for when I am relaxing somewhere outside. They don't break, and the lid keeps the bugs out (that's important for us Floridians) and the wine inside (important for tailgating/partying).”


These Glasses That Let You Aerate Without Spilling

If you're a wine enthusiast, these wine glasses will make your experience all the more upscale. Each 14-ounce stemless glass has a steel ball attached to the bottom, so when placed on a hard surface, your glass rotates in a circular motion. This motion helps aerate the wine, and the precise tilted angle ensures your glass won't end up on the floor like it can when you swirl by hand.

The set also comes with two wooden coasters that are designed to hold the glasses upright for added stability. This pick is on the pricey side, but the unique features make them well worth the price. In addition to wine, they're also great for consuming beverages like single-malt Scotch.

The manufacturer doesn't confirm whether the glasses are dishwasher safe, so as a precaution, you may want to stick to hand-washing.

Fan review: “Absolute favorite wine glasses! The stands make them easy for storage. The glasses themselves are sturdy, thick and don’t spill.”


Also Consider: These Unbreakable Plastic Wine Glasses That Look So Real

Though not entirely spill-proof, these stemmed 12.5-ounce wine glasses are made from Tritan plastic, a nearly indestructible material that's built to look like glass. That means you can safely use them for outdoor parties, barbecues, picnics, or by the pool without worrying about accidental breaks. The durable plastic is scratch-resistant and BPA-free, too. Get them in a set of two, four, or six.

Fan review: “These are fun glasses. They are larger than I expected (yay, more wine!) and from conversation distance, look like real glass. These would be fantastic for the beach or casual boating - no broken glass! I also used them with my 5-year-old daughter and poured some sparkling juice in her glass so she could pretend to be like mama. With plastic, there are no worries! Love these!”

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