Get A Much Deeper Clean With These Genius Steam Mops

When you want a truly clean floor that's free of disgusting bacteria, traditional mops just aren't going to cut it. Instead of dragging germs across your floor, consider investing in one of the best steam mops: These genius cleaning tools work by using tap or distilled water to create hot steam that kills nearly 100 percent of bacteria and germs. Seems like a safer bet, doesn't it?

Steam mops come at all price points. Some are great for making your bathroom less gross because they excel at getting out grout between tiles, and others are effective at cleaning most floor surfaces, including polished hardwood. Before you invest in any steam mop, be sure to read the fine print: Most quality brands will state clearly which types of floors they work best on, because these mops differ in terms of what they can deliver.

A steam mop is a great investment if you're trying to move away from chemicals and toward natural cleaning products for the bathroom and kitchen instead. They require little more than water to get going and are safer for pets and kids (and you, of course). Depending on the type you choose, the only other investment that may be required on your part is the occasional purchase of mop pads.

If you're ready to see what all the fuss is about, start with these four steam mops below, which are among the most highly reviewed on Amazon.


A Steam Mop That's Fairly Priced And Simple To Operate

This steam mop is lightweight, heats up in just 30 seconds, and unlike some other models, is safe to use on hardwood floors. It has a flip-down scrubber that allows you to gently, but effectively, remove caked-on stains and food. You can customize the amount of steam it produces — low, medium, or high — and its digital controls make operating this mop very easy.

One of the nicest features you'll find on this steam mop is its water tank, which is easy to take apart, fill, and put back. Its manufacturers say you'll kill 99.9 percent of bacteria and germs and that it can be used on a variety of surfaces: hardwood, tile, laminate flooring, stone, marble, ceramic, and linoleum. It even includes Febreze spring fragrance disks to replace stale air in your home with a fresh aroma.

This steam mop comes with a two-year warranty and the overwhelming majority of reviewers (more than 9,000) only had positive experiences with this product.


A 5-In-1 Mop That Can Also Steam Clothing And Clean Windows

If you can't justify to yourself the need to spend money on just a steam mop, this is the multitasking option that'll change your mind. This 5-in-1 mop has a built-in handheld steam cleaner that can be used to steam wrinkles out of clothing and more effectively clean windows, mirrors, and glass. It heats up in 30 seconds, kills up to 99.9 percent of germs, and is ideal for sealed stone, glass, stainless steel, or sealed tile/grout.

You may be thinking: well, that's great, but what about my hardwood floors? Thankfully, this mop features three adjustable settings that deliver the right among of steam to safely preserve hardwood. You'll need to invest in mop pads from time to time, and you may need to refill the tank if you have a large space to clean, but otherwise, reviews of this versatile mop are solid.


A Basic And Super Affordable Steam Mop For Smaller Spaces

Forget the bells and whistles: If you need an affordable steam mop that cleans and disinfects without harsh chemicals, this is the brand and model that will get the job done fast. It's super lightweight, easy to store, and perfect for small apartments or spaces. It heats up in 30 seconds and is safe to use on sealed hard floors. It boasts triple-layer pads that are activated by steam and last a long time before needing to be replaced. The swivel head leaves a little to be desired, according to some reviews, but what it lacks in maneuverability, it makes up for in effectiveness: This mop gets rid of dirt, bacteria, and germs and makes floors shine.

The tank is on the small side (again, making it a better purchase if you have a smaller space to clean), but otherwise, this is a much cheaper option than most other steam mops and it's simple to operate and effective.


A Long-Lasting Steam Mop For Larger Spaces

When you have a larger space that needs to be cleaned, it helps to have a steam mop like this super powerful one that won't run out of water after 15 minutes. This Oreck model produces approximately 40 minutes of steam on a high setting and it takes just five seconds of concentrating steam on a specific spot to disinfect it. Here's what that means for you: less time spent cleaning.

This mop has adjustable steam settings that are suitable for various floors and a 25-foot cord that gives you freedom of movement as you clean. It comes with reusable, machine-washable pads and has above-floor cleaning technology that lets you get in between grout on walls and ceilings without spilling water from its tank. Use it on marble, ceramic, sealed hardwood, stone, vinyl, and linoleum floors and, thanks to its 11.5 inch cleaning path, cover more surface area in less time.

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