These Tennis Rackets Were Designed With Beginners In Mind — & They're All On Amazon

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Whether you’re pursuing tennis for exercise or just need a new hobby, the best tennis rackets for beginners can make a world of difference in your game play. Below, I’ve selected tennis rackets with features that have novices in mind.

Head Size

One of the most important things to consider when shopping for a starter racket is the size of the head. In an article for New York magazine, Horace Choy, the head tennis coach at NYU, recommended that beginners should look for rackets with larger heads that measure 98 to 110 square inches. These are more forgiving and give you a wider sweet spot for actually hitting the tennis ball.

Grip Size

Most rackets have grips measuring somewhere between 4 and 4 5/8 inches. To find the grip size that’s right for you, use the Ruler Test. Place a ruler on the center of your dominant hand, and measure from the tip of your ring finger to the bottom of the lateral crease of your palm. The distance between those two points will be your grip size. All of my selections come in a variety of grip sizes, mostly between 4 1/4 to 4 3/8.

Racket Balance

Racket balance is generally measured from the handle to the head. A head-light racket feels lighter since the bulk of the racket’s weight is in the handle, and these are typically the easiest to maneuver, making them ideal for beginners. All the rackets below are head-light.

Shock Absorption

Tennis rackets with shock absorbing features are especially great for beginners as well because they’re easier on your body since they don’t send shockwaves up your arm when you hit the ball. All the rackets below come with some sort of shock-absorbing feature, from built-in shock pads to woofer string technology.

Take a look at the best tennis rackets for beginners; they’re all pre-strung, so they're ready to use out of the box, and they come highly rated.


The Best Overall

The Wilson Tour Slam tennis racket is a head-light racket, weighs less than one pound, and measures 27.5 inches long, giving you extra length so you’ll be able to attack the ball with extra momentum. Its head is 112 square inches and it has a 4 1/4 through 4 1/2 inch grip; it also comes with built-in Stop Shock pads to reduce vibrations from tennis ball impact for greater control. With all these features at such an affordable price, plus the trusted Wilson brand name to back it up and almost 300 five-star reviews, it's my pick for the best overall beginner racket.

What fans love: “My 14-year old son started taking tennis during his school gym class and was so excited about the sport, he asked me to play with him. I bought two of these rackets for us. We are both novices, but find the weight and fit just right. Recommend this tennis racket for beginners.”


2. The Best Cheap Racket For Beginners

The Wilson Federer adult tennis racket boasts a 4.7-star rating, and it's easy to see why. It's the most budget-friendly pick on this list, although several the rackets here are roughly at the same price point. It's a head-light pick, with a head measuring 110 square inches and comes in a 4 3/8 grip size. It weighs less than one pound (though it is slightly heavier than the first pick on this list) and features a volcanic frame which enhances the racket’s power and stability. Its signature Stop Shock pads reduce vibrations from tennis ball impact, making for comfortable play.

What fans love: "Great racquet for beginners. Light and comfortable."


3.The Best Tennis Racquet For Control

The HEAD Ti. Conquest adult tennis racquet is a great choice for players looking for more control since it's a head-light racket with an 108-inch head and comes with Nano Titanium technology that creates a stable racket while also providing extra power. The racket pictured above weighs less than a pound and has a 4 1/4 grip size, but this pick is available in larger grip sizes as well.

What fans love: “Got this for my grandson who started to play tennis this last year. He loves the feel of it and the weight along with the blue color of which is his favorite. Good value for a beginner racket."


The Best Racket For Going From Beginner To Intermediate

The Babolat Drive G Lite tennis racquet is a lightweight and well-balanced, head-light racket weighing less than one pound and measuring 27 inches in length. Woofer string technology reduces vibration and also increases the sweet spot, and this pick is available in grip sizes ranging from 4 inches to 4 3/8 inches. With a smaller head size of 102 square inches, this a good racket for when beginners are transitioning to the intermediate level. Additionally, Jonathan Raude, the president and executive director of NYC Aces, suggested this pick to New York, for players switching from beginner to intermediate playing level.

What fans love: “My son loves this racket. He plays a lot better with it and states that he will be ready when it is time to play in tournaments.”

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