You'll Want To Hit Snooze On These Compact & Portable Travel Alarm Clocks


When you're on the go, you need one of the best travel alarm clocks to ensure you wake up on time. Sure, you could just use your phone, but there's no guarantee it will sync to the local time or even stay charged through the night — especially without access to an outlet. Physical alarm clocks, however, are made to do just that, reliably.

The Best Travel Alarm Clocks: The Criteria

Travel alarm clocks, regardless of whether they're digital or analog, generally tick all the following boxes.

  1. They're compact.
  2. They're often battery powered.
  3. They're easy to 'snooze' without turning off the entire clock.
  4. They're silent with some sort of nightlight or backlight.

What's more, some clocks even boast bonus features like USB charging ports for your phone and indoor thermometers for the weather. So, no matter what you're looking for — from ultra simple to feature-packed options — your new favorite travel gadget is out there. And you can find it right here.

Below, browse a list of the best alarm clocks for travel that'll ensure you don't miss a beat. Then, keep up the shopping momentum, and check out the best travel adapters as well as the best luggage for international getaways.


The Overall Best Travel Alarm Clock That Can Also Charge Your Other Devices

Homtime's Multi-function Alarm Clock is the overall best option considering its compact design and vast amount of features.

Why it's great: It has a charging station with a dual USB port, an indoor thermometer, a digital interface, and a gradual volume snooze button. Plus, this smart clock charges super quickly and boasts built-in surge protection — but you can use it cordlessly, too, thanks to its also-built-in battery.

What fans say: "We have taken this with us on vacation just so we can have two extra USB charging ports for convenience. With at least two phones and two tablets to charge those things are at a premium in hotel rooms!"


Also Great: A Cheaper Option With Ample Functionality

For a cheaper, simpler option go for this clock from Marathon.

Why it's great: It has a digital LED interface that displays the temperature, the date, and the time. But that's not all — it also has a built-in stand and all the basic functions you'd expect from an alarm clock including a gradual backlight to minimize eye irritation. Even better, it folds up for easy storage and comes with a AAA battery.

What fans say: "Just purchased my third one of these. I travel a lot and wear them out. Must take battery out when this is packed because the button to turn on light is not protected, even when clock is folded closed."


A Lightweight Analog Alarm Clock That Doesn't Tick

If you prefer analog clocks, this non-ticking alarm clock from Pluteck is for you.

Why it's great: Though it doesn't have as many bonus specs as other options on this list, this clock gets the job done. It's compact and silent with gradual snooze volume, a nightlight, and luminous hands for easy viewing. The best part? It comes with a hard exterior plastic case to keep it safe during transport. You'll just need one AA battery to operate it.

What fans say: "I didn't buy this for a travel clock but I may use it as one. It's not small like most travel clocks but it weigh almost nothing. Most importantly, it's easy to set. I'm so tired of pressing a tiny button 60 times every time I change a time zone."


A Vibrating Alarm Clock That Can Wake You Up With Or Without Sound

If you're hearing impaired or just prefer to wake up to a vibration instead of a jolting sound, consider ShakeAwake's Vibrating Alarm Clock.

Why it's great: Aside from its "shake" mode, it can also be used with a ringer. It's pocket-sized with a fold-out stand and a backlight. To get it working, it requires just a single (not included) AAA battery.

What fans say: "Where has this been all my life? I sleep with earplugs, and especially when I travel, I'm afraid the little travel alarm won't wake me up. At home, I set the volume of my clock radio on high to make sure I wake up, and it scares me to death. This is the perfect answer. No way will I sleep through it, but it doesn't set my heart racing. It's a little fiddly to set and turn off, but a small price to pay."

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