The 4 Best Travel Humidifiers

It's great to have a humidifier when you're traveling but you don't want to drag around a big, clunky contraption. That's where the best travel humidifiers enter the picture — they're small, portable, and super lightweight.

The first thing to consider when picking one out is capacity. In most cases, the bigger the reservoir, the longer it will run. However, a larger reservoir will likely mean a bulkier, heavier design overall, so there's a tradeoff. Another thing to consider is noise. Humidifiers can be loud, and the last thing you want is to be up all night listening to it. Not every manufacturer discloses the decibel level, so I scanned the reviews for each pick to make sure customers vouched for how quiet they are.

A final consideration is filter type. There are options with built-in filters that don't need to be changed, as well as ones that use disposable filters, each of which have pros and cons. Built-in models are nice because you don't always have to deal with replacing the filters. They're cheaper to maintain, more convenient, and more eco-friendly. However, they're not usually compatible with essential oils, so if you plan to use your humidifier for aromatherapy, a model with a disposable filter will be best (just make sure the particular model is compatible with essential oils).

Beyond those items, think about special features you might want, such as automatic shutoff, rotating spray modes, bonus lights, or Bluetooth functionality.

Now that you have a better idea of what to consider, take a look at the best travel humidifiers below. All of my picks use cool mist, which means they're safe to use around kids and pets.