This $23 Apple AirPod Alternative Has Almost 1,000 5-Star Reviews

There’s no need to fight against tangled headphone cords; the best true wireless earbuds under $50 let you enjoy music, podcasts, or phone calls without the hassle of an unwieldy wire — and they won’t gouge a hole in your wallet in the process. There are plenty of reasons to stick to a budget with wireless earbuds, including the fact that they can be very easy to misplace. Wireless earbuds connect to your phone or devices via Bluetooth, rather than with a cable, and true wireless earbuds don’t have any cables connecting them to each other, either. The lack of wires can be convenient, so long as the earbuds fit snugly in your ears (and stay there).

When you’re shopping for true wireless earbuds, think about whether you’ll primarily be using them while sitting or during activities like working out. If listening to music is your priority, you should opt for a pair with solid sound quality and adjustable equalizer settings. If you want a pair of exercise earbuds, look for something with an over-ear design that keeps them in place. Additionally, if you will be making calls, opt for headphones with a built-in mic and a track record for staying connected (and clear) during phone calls.

Earbuds in this price range commonly last between three and eight hours between charges, but true wireless earbuds typically come with a portable carrying case that also acts as an on-the-go charger. Most sets come with a cord to charge the carrying case, but if you want to really go cord-free, you can opt for a carrying case that’s compatible with a wireless charging pad.

The truth is that top-quality, nuanced sound and phone call functionality is tough to get for less than $50, so if you want the best of the best, you might need to shell out a bit more cash. But there are still some great options out there for those on a tight budget. Here are the top wallet-friendly picks for true wireless earbuds under $50, all available on Amazon:


The Best Overall True Wireless Earbuds Under $50

This pair of JLab Audio JBuds features three equalizer sound settings — JLab Signature, Balanced, and Bass Boost modes — so your music sounds exactly the way you like it. According to users, the sound quality is great and it's easy to get a secure fit with three different sets of silicone ear caps and the set of Cush Fins, an additional piece you can place around the outside of the earbuds.

The sweat-resistant JBuds earbuds have an operating range of more than 30 feet and are designed to last more than six hours. Once you're out of power, simply pop them into the carrying case, which has indicator lights telling you how much battery it has left, and charge your earbuds up to three more times (or 18 additional hours).

One perk of these earbuds is that they automatically turn on and connect to each other when you pull them from their charging case, which saves you the effort of manually powering them on. You can control your music and volume by pressing the button on the outside of each earbud, and the built-in mic can be used to make calls and interact with Siri or other voice assistants. These earbuds are available in three colors and come with a two-year warranty.


The Best Wireless Earbuds For Working Out

Vislla 5.0 Bluetooth sport headphones are perfect for anyone who's regularly on the move. They may be bigger than some other options, but the over-ear design with adjustable ear hooks keeps them secure. Many reviewers have been pleasantly surprised by the fact that these earbuds don’t fall out while running or working out at the gym.

They can operate for up to eight hours on one charge — the longest on this list! — and the carrying case can provide another two full charges or 16 hours of playing time. They have an operating range of up to 33 feet, and many reviewers enjoy using them for phone calls, too.

This sweat- and water-resistant pair comes with three sets of ear caps of different sizes. Choose between a red or black design.

Reviewers say: “These headphones are a great value for the price. I was having a big problem with other ear buds that fell out while I was working out. With the ear holder on these it’s no problem. I also think it’s very easy to answer calls, skip songs and adjust the volume with them. Definitely a great value.”


The Best True Wireless Earbuds With Wireless Charging

What sets these TOZO T10 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds apart actually lies with the carrying case. The case not only can be charged with the included USB-C cord, but it also is compatible with wireless charging pads. This means you don’t actually need any cords at all to charge this set of earbuds if you have a wireless charger for other devices, such as your phone. The 3.5-hour or so playing time per charge is on the shorter side, but the case can charge the earbuds up to nine additional hours.

The are available in five colors and come with four ear cap sizes. The manufacturer says their operating range is about 33 feet, and they're waterproof in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes — but they're intended for sweat or rain exposure, not actual submersion while swimming.

Some Amazon users have said that these earbuds aren't the best for phone calls, citing issues with dropped calls and overall sound quality. But it's simply impossible to ignore this pair when shopping on Amazon — TOZO's T10 Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earbuds have over 15,000 five-star ratings and counting.

Reviewers say: “These are amazing. Would have paid two, three times as much for them. Quick, super fast connect, great bass, great volume, weather/water proof, really fast charging. I love them.”


The Best Value Wireless Earbuds

Looking for true wireless earbuds that don't cost more than $20? These AMINY wireless earbuds are a good bet. You'll get a 33-foot operating range and two sizes of ear tips. The earbuds can be used for up to four hours, and the carrying case can fully recharge them up to five more times.

Don’t expect to be blown away by the sound quality — but they're a perfectly practical set of wireless earbuds. And at this price point, you definitely don’t have to stress too much about misplacing them or eventually deciding to upgrade.

Reviewers say: “The sound is good, connection is easy and you really do just take them out, stick them in your ears and play your music. I also tried the phone call setup which worked just fine. [...] They also fit well in my small ears and do not fall out at the gym. Give them a shot. Well worth the price.”

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