Stocking Up? These Vacuum Sealers Will Keep Food Fresh Longer — & They're All Under $100


A vacuum sealer is an essential kitchen gadget if you like to sous vide or store food in bulk. However, while some vacuum sealers can cost hundreds of dollars and require ample countertop space to operate, the best vacuum sealers under $100 are affordable, compact, and allow you to easily create airtight seals at a fraction of the cost of more expensive vacuum sealer models.

When shopping for a vacuum sealer, keep in mind that the difference between more and less expensive models is often not how well they seal but in their size and speed, and the features they offer. If you only sous vide cook or stock up on meat and produce occasionally, or are buying one for the first time, the most affordable and basic machines may be all that you need. But if you're a vacuum-sealer enthusiast, you may appreciate the additional settings (like for indicating dry or moist food), faster speed, and options for different sealing modes from a slightly higher price-point vacuum sealer.

And if you have a small kitchen or if storage space is hard to come by, you may want to consider the handheld vacuum sealer I've included below, which requires far less space than countertop versions.

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The Overall Best

According to Amazon reviewers, this NESCO VS-12 vacuum sealer is a steal for its less than $100 price tag. It offers three different sealing modes (dry, moist, and an extra-secure double seal setting). Plus, it has two pressure settings, including a gentle pressure option in order to better seal foods like cakes or soft fruits without crushing them. It comes with two rolls of bags and contains a built-in bag roll storage compartment and a sliding bag cutter. Industry experts at sites like Cook's Illustrated and Wirecutter both praised the NESCO V-12 for its powerful suction and ability to seal jars with an additional adaptor.

Helpful review: “This works exactly as advertised. Leaves a very nice double seal and vacuums the air out very quickly. I only wish it had a marking to tell you how much to cut in order to be able to place the bag in the machine, but otherwise it works great.”


This Compact Sealer With More Than 5,000 Positive Reviews

At just a pound in weight, this NutriChef vacuum sealer is compact and lightweight and offers the perfect balance between affordability and features. It's less expensive than the previous option but is still relatively quick, needing only 40 seconds between seals. It also offers programming choices like a dry or moist mode, as well as a gentle pressure option. Plus, this sealer has a built-in bag cutter and comes with a set of five vacuum bags and one additional roll of bags — all for a reasonable price.

Helpful review: “Perfect size, whisper quiet, affordable, and looks nice. This little sealer works great. I sealed individual tbs size servings of things like canned adobo peppers, pumpkin, and tomato paste as I usually only need tablespoons at a time. I cut the bags to size, sealed sides, filled, and froze and was able to use nearly every inch of the bags, wasting nothing. Would definitely purchase this model again.”


The Most Affordable

You likely won't find a better quality vacuum sealer for the price than this Geryon one. Although it's very basic with only one vacuum-sealing mode (it also offers a non-airtight "sealing" mode, as well), it's relatively quick, needing only 30 to 40 seconds to create seals, and has a slim profile that easily fits inside drawers and cabinets. This sealer also comes with five vacuum bags and one roll of bags to get you started. However, be prepared to use scissors to cut the roll, since this does not offer a built-in cutter like some other models do.

Helpful review: “I was looking for a basic machine. I've used several other vacuum sealers, but I love this machine because it's very simple and user-friendly, almost idiot proof. But most of all, I like the fact the seal strip is right along the front edge of the unit, not set back 1- or 1.5-inches from the front edge like some of the others. It's perfect size, lightweight and works great. And for the price, you can't beat it!”


The Best Handheld Vacuum Sealer

Short on space? This handheld FoodSaver vacuum sealer is a great option that takes up very little room in a drawer or cabinet and comes with two reusable 1-quart bags. Because it's cordless, you can use it anywhere and only need to attach it to the charging cord when the battery runs out. Reviewers report that it can seal eight to 10 bags on a single charge, and it takes up to four hours to fully charge, so it may not be the best option for vacuum-sealing a lot of items at once.

Helpful review: “This little sealer works great. It's very small, quick, and easy to use. The fact that it uses zipper bags is also great because you can open the bag to take something out and then easily re-seal it.”